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Hot topic: Reunite Bo and Nora

From the Soap opera previews magazine

Patience is a  virtue

How much longer are fans expected to wait for Bo and Nora to get back together? What more has to happen? She got engaged to Troy, who wound up in the nuthouse. Bo fell for Gabrielle, who wound up six feet under. Now, not only is there nothing standing in the way, but they have more reason than ever to reunite: to give their son Matthew the happy, loving home he deserves. We've waited patiently but enough is enough. lets get these two back together pronto.

Ali T, Austin, Texas

The time is now

It's a simple question: Why aren't Bo and Nora together? I've asked many fellow One Life To Live fans , and none can come up with a valid reason. Could it be that so much time has passed, the powers that be have forgotten just how fantastic this couple was. Given the current State of affairs in Llanview, the show can use the kind of magic that only Bo and Nora at their best can provide.

Martha Crenshaw, Syracuse, NY 

Burning up for their love

I've waited years for Bo and Nora to get back together, and have no doubt that it will happen... eventually. Every time their portrayers, Robert S Woods and Hillary B Smith, share a scene, I watch for that spark, and I'm never dissapointed. Now it's just a matter of convincing the writers to fan the flame.

Eva Martinez, Philadelphia, PA


Soap OperaDigest

An article about supercouples

And the winners are...

Bo and Nora

Bo and Nora still have a hold on my heart. Bo and Nora's romance was slow, tender, caring and fun. you got to go on a ride with them as they fell in love, got to go on their datesand the first time they made love, my heart melted because it was from a deep love that they shared.

C.E.F., Midwest City, Ok 


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