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Sliding Doors- Part 3
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Sliding doors- Part 3

Another day had gone by when she realized that she was running out of time. She didn't have a clue how to change the future and yet somehow she had to find a way to stop time.

She rolled around to face her sleeping husband and couldn't help but watch him. It killed her to think that she might not have much more time with him. She had to make the most of it. He opened his eyes when she began to kiss him passionately.

Bo: Well that's some good morning...

Nora: What can I say? I missed you.

Bo: well I can definitly get used to this... (He kissed her) Good morning beautiful.

Nora(Kissing him back): Good morning handsome... (smiling) Do you have to go to work yet?

Bo( kissing her again): Not yet baby... not yet...

Nora: So... does that mean I have time to have my way with you?

(She gives him a mischevious grin)

Bo: We have plenty of time...

Nora: Good...

and without another word they began to "fool around" on the bed for the next couple of hours.


This takes place 6 months later(Only in the dream sequences)

Nora: Bo Buchanan, where are you? I have a suprise for you? Bo?

She could hear the shower going in the bathroom and smiled.

Nora: Gotcha...

She stepped in the bathroom and could hear him singing to what he thought was himself. She suprised him a couple minutes later...

Nora: Hey Comish... what did I tell you about leaving me alone in the morning?

Bo: hey beautiful... ( they kiss) Happy Valentines day...

Nora: Happy Valentines day Handsome... Don't EVER leave me alone like that again... or I just might have to make you pay...

Bo: You missed me already huh?

Nora: I always miss you when I wake up alone... You need some help with that?

she took her hands and began to lather the soap on his body. She was driving him crazy.

Bo: Honey, your killing me here?

Nora: I am?

Bo: Like you don't know? Here... He turned around and began to do the same thing to her... she felt the desire building up inside her... they began to kiss as the faucet poured the hot water down on their bodies...

Nora: I don't think were going to make it to the bed are we?

Bo: Would you just shut up for a second?

He turned the faucet off with one hand while the other began to search her body...

Nora: Bo....

Bo: Shhhhh

Their kissing took them to the floor of the bathroom where they began to "have a little Too much fun."


A couple hours later in real time...

Nora was standing at the door of Viki's with a concerned look on her face. She didn't know if Viki would think she was crazy or not, but she had to give it a shot. Two heads were certainly better than one.

Viki: Nora? What a nice suprise... come in...

Nora: Thanks Viki...

Viki: What's the matter? You look like hell...

Nora: Really? I'm suprised after the morning I just had...

Viki: So i take it this dosn't have to do with Bo?

Nora: Bo and I are perfect... at least right now.

Viki: What do you mean?

Nora: I mean I don't know what's happening to me Viki... I don't know how it happned... but I can see into the future... and beleive me, I don't like what I see...


6 months later(Dream sequence)

Bo walked up the walkway to Nora's parent's house. He wasn't sure what he was going to say but he just had to see her.

Len: Bo? What are you doing here?

Bo: Hi Len... It's good to see you.

He stepped inside the door and tried to gather his thoughts.

Bo: I need to see my wife...

Len: For what? Bo, she's not in good shape right now. If you're going to let her have it I suggest you wait.

Bo: You don't understand? I waited 6 months. I tried to find a way to live my life without her. It wasn't pretty.

Len: Are you saying you want her back?

Bo: I'm saying I need to talk to her. I really miss her Len. I tried to come here sooner but I couldn't do it.

Len: Mind if I ask why?

Bo: Because I was trying to get over the hurt. I wasn't sure if I could handle seeing her after what she did...

Len: I understand... beleive me I understand. what about now?

Bo: Now I just need to know if there's something worth fighting for...

Len: Alright... this way?

He led her to a room where Nora was laying on the bed.

Len: she's bedridden Bo... be careful.

Bo: I will...

The minute he opened the door, her eyes met his.

Nora: Bo?

Bo: Hi Red...


Viki: Nora? Nora?

Nora: What? Oh, sorry. It just happend again.

Viki: You saw into the future?

Nora: Yes, I did.

Viki: well what did you see?

Nora: well that depends on the version you want. In the first version, Bo and I are fine. But your son Kevin is killed.

Viki: What? and in the other?

Nora: Drew is killed , and Bo and I split up in the worst possible way.

Viki: Nora, that's impossible. You two have the perfect marriage.

Nora: Did Viki... when Drew's killed everything goes out the window... Bo leaves, I have an affair witn Sam... a pregnancy... a seperation... what more do you want?

Viki: wll I don't understand? Why are you telling me this? shouldn't you be telling this to Bo?

Nora: I can't... at least not yet. I was hoping you could help me...

Viki: With what exactly?

Nora: Finding a way to change the future...


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