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Sliding Doors- final chapter

Viki was looking at Nora as if she had two heads and she started to cry. They sat down on the couch together before either of them spoke again.

Viki: How exactly are we supposed to change the future?

Nora: I don't know... I don't even understand why this is happening to me. I just know I would do anything to keep Bo.

Viki: You really love him don't you?

Nora: More than anything in the world.

Viki(Pausing): look, I'm not saying I believe you because I'm not sure I do. It seems a little strange to me that you could be seeing into the future. Are you sure these aren't just dreams your having?

Nora: I'm not sure of anything anymore... but I do know that if there's even the slightest possibility that this is for real then I have to stop it.

Viki: Well since I can't even imagine losing another child I'd have to agree with you.

Nora: So you'll help me?

Viki: What do you need me to do?

Nora: Com eto my party tomorrow night?

Viki(Pausing): Party? Isn't that the night of...

Nora: Yes... it's the night of Lidsay's gallery opeing.

Viki: Are you sure that's a good idea to have a party on the same night?

Nora: Viki, I don't have a choice. That's where these supposed killings take place. I need to do something to stop that.

Viki: You do know that Lindsay is going to hate you for this?

Nora: Viki, she already hates me. I really don't care anymore how she feels. I've still got Bo. She can't do anything else to hurt me.

Viki; point taken. I'll make sure the family is there.

Nora: Thank you so much. (They hug)

Viki: that's what friends are for. (Pause) Now go home to your husband will you?

Nora: I'm on my way. Thanks again.


Nora and Bo were laying by the fireplace wrapped in each others arms.

Nora: You know, we really should start thinking about names Bo?

Bo: did you have something in mind?

Nora: uh uh. You first? any suggestions?

Bo: well if it's a boy I'd like to name him after Kevin. It dosn't even have to be the first name but I think it would be really nice.

Nora: Ok, I could do that. But if it's a girl I'd like to name her destiny.

Bo: Destiny? Why?

Nora: Oh what's the matter? You don't like it?

Bo: I didn't say that.

Nora: So you do like it?

Bo: I didn't say that.

Nora: So what are you saying then?

Bo: Just tell me why you want to name her destiny?

Nora: Because it's fate. (Pause) come on Bo, you and I both know that this isn't an easy pregnancy. We also know that when she's born it will be because it's meant to be... just like you and me. ( They Kiss)

Bo: I like the sound of that.

Nora: So does that mean we can name her destiny?

Bo: I think it's perfect... if she's a girl.

Nora: agreed.

Bo: So, now that that's settled...

Nora( Kissing him): um hum.

Bo: What would you like to talk about now?

Nora: Who said anything about talking?

Bo(Kissing her back): You're bad...

Nora: I know. (Kisses him again) But you like bad don't you?

Bo: You can be as bad as you want baby...

Nora: I thought you might say that...

They start kissing passionately as they slip under the blanket on the floor.


Nora walked into Bo's office and he greeted her with a hug.

Bo: Hey honey, what are you doing here?

Nora: I missed you.

they kiss.

Bo: where have you been all day? I've been trying to get a hold of you?

Nora: Really? Why?

Bo: Because I missed you too. (They kiss)

Nora: I went to see Viki about that party.

Bo: And?

Nora: She said she's make sure the family is there.

Bo: that's great. honey?

Nora: Yeah?

Bo: Did you even think to make sure you really WERE pregnant before throwing this party?

Nora(Smiling): I thought you might ask that? ( She pulls out a test from a paper bag) You want to go home and find out?

Bo: I'd love to.

They walked out hand in hand.


Nora: Bo? What are you doing here? I didn't think you'd ever want to see me again?

Bo: I thought about it. I even tried tried to stay away. But I couldn't.

Nora: Why?

Bo: Because... Because I still love you.

He sat on the bed next to her and held her hand.

Nora: How could you lov eme after this? I did a terrible thing.

Bo: Yes you did. I'm not going to deny that.

Nora: Ok?

Bo: honey to tell you the truth, when I first found out, I really wanted to hate you. I even convinced myself that I did for a while.

Nora: I don't blame you. I hated me too.

Bo: But that's just it Red. I never COULD hate you. I hated that you were a coward. I really wanted to face you and tell you exactly how I felt.

Nora: Well you're here now. What's stopping you.

Bo: This... ( He pulled her into his arms for a passionate kiss) I love you Nora. I pray to God you still love me.

Nora: Of course I still love you. I could never love anyone but you. But can you really forgive me Bo?

Bo: Honey none of that matters to me anymore. when I look into your eyes the only thing I see is how much you mean to me. I don't want to lose you Red. Please say it's not too late.

Nora: well that depends...

Bo: on what?

Nora: On how you react when I tell you that there's been one more lie.

Bo: What kind of lie?

Nora: The baby I'm carrying isn't Sam's, It's yours.

There was a moment of silence as Bo tried to grasp what she was saying.

Bo: How is that possible?

Nora: I'm not sure Bo. All I know is that at my last doctors appoinment they told me it was impossible for it to be Sam's. I was so releived and shocked that I wasn't even paying attention to anything else. I would of called you but I wasn't sure you'd take my call.

Bo: Would you have told me eventually?

Nora: I would never keep you from your child Bo.

Bo: That's what I thought.

Nora: Does this mean what I think it means?

Bo: Welcome home sweetheart...

They kiss.

Nora: Bo?

Bo: Yeah?

Nora: Are you going to make love to me or not?

Bo: Well when you put it like that...

They fell back on the bed kissing.


Nora walked out of the bathroom a couple minutes later.

Nora: Guess what?

Bo: Your pregnant?

Nora: Yes... We're going to have a baby.

Bo: Oh Red...

She jumped into his arms and nearly knocked him over. They started kissing.

Nora: So big guy... how are we going to celebrate?

Bo: Do you really have to ask?

He pulled her with him as they tumbled on to the bed.

Bo: I'm going to make love to you all night long... you got a problem with that?

Nora: No I most certainly don't. as a matter of fact( She kisses him) I wasn't going to give you a choice in the matter. Now shut up.

They are now kissing passionately as they roll around on the bed.


The party took off with most of Llanview in attendence. There were shots of Lindsay sitting alone at her Gallery opning vowing revenge on Nora for taking her guests away from her. Nora and Bo danced all night after revealing the news, with Nora keeping a close eye on the enterance. Thanks to Nora's keen eye, the shooter(Barbara) was taken into custody before any shots were fired. Nora breathed a sigh of relief as Bo held her in his arms.

Bo: you knew this was going to happen didn't you?

Nora: What makes you say that?

Bo: Come on Nora... you were desperate to keep everyone away from the gallery. Admit it?

Nora: Ok yeah. I knew.

Bo: But how? How could you possibly know something like this?

Nora: Dreams Bo. I had these weird dreams that led me to believe I was seeing into the future. It was really scary. And I hated them.

Bo: Well why didn't you tell me sweetheart? I could of at least made you feel better.

Nora: I couldn't take the chance that you'd think I was crazy... or that you'd try to stop me. So I went to Viki.

Viki(Walking over to Nora): Well Nora, you were right. I guess I owe you my sons life. (They hug)

Bo: Ok, what was that about? Who was supposed to die?

Nora: Well that depends on what version you want.

Bo: There was more than one?

Nora: There were two. In the first one Kevin was killed... in the second it was Drew that died.

Bo: Oh my God, no wonder you didn't want to tell me.

Nora: There's more.

Bo: Ok...

Nora: In the second dream, or shall I call it a nightmare, you and I broke up. for Six months I think.

Bo: Oh baby... ( They kiss) You are never going to loose me. You got that?

Nora: I do now. (pause) But Bo, I was so afraid I wouldn't be able to change things. I couldn't stand it if I lost you.

Bo: What am I going to have to do to prove to you that we're forever? (They kiss)

Nora: I'm sure you'll think of something.

Bo: You know me so well. ( They hug) Come on lets dance?

Nora: you want to dance again? Bo, we've been dancing all night.

Bo: Well I'd rather make mad passionate love to you, but I don't think our guests will appreciate it do you? You got any other bright ideas?

Nora: As a matter of fact... ( She whispers something in his ear)

Bo: You are so bad...

Nora: Yes I know... and you love me for it...

Bo: Among other things... (They kiss) but you're right. I certainly do love you.

Nora: You better.

She takes his hand and leads him outside to the stables in the rain. As the storm rages on, Bo and Nora make love as Lindsay drinks herself to death on another side of town.

The End.

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