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Getting Past The Pain- Part 8
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Getting past the pain- Part 8

Bo looked at Nora, who looked as if she was going to pass out and he knew exactly what was going on with her.

Bo: Nora, it's ok. If you don't want to do this you don't have to. We can simply live together if you'd be more comfortable.

Nora gave him a forced smile before continuing.

Nora: Bo, you don't understand. It dosn't matter if we get married or live together. I will always be afraid.

He walked over to where she was standing and took her hand.

Bo: Do you trust me?

Nora: You know I do.

Bo: Then will you let me help you with this? Will you let me be your friend right now?

Nora: Yeah. Turns out your exactly what I need.

Bo: Good. So lets go.

He took her hand and led her out the door. He took the letter opener and dusted it of her prints. afterwards he placed it in his safe. She hated what he was doing but she didn't have the stength to fight him on it. After he was done, they climbed in the back of his truck and drove, completely forgetting everything going on at home. Eventually they reached a carnival and she lit up with excitement.

Nora: I can't believe you remembered...

Bo: Oh Nora, I remember everything about you. You want to get some cotton candy?

Nora: Later... right now I just want to( suddenly remembering her condition she lost the color in her face).

Bo: What? What is it sweetie?

Nora: I... I can't believe I forgot I was pregnant. Now I can't go on these rides.

Bo: We'll save that for next time ok?

Nora: Promise?

Bo: I promise. ( They looked at each other with the look of two people in love. Nobody would have guessed it was a ruse.) So tell me Red... You want Cotton candy or do you want to play some games?

Nora: I want to play skeeball... You up for a challenge?

Bo: I'm always up for a challenge... what are the stakes?

Nora: Lets see... (Pretends to be thinking) Pretty high stakes Bo. You think You handle it?

Bo: I haven't heard an offer yet. You're not chickening out are you?

Nora: Me? Never! (Pause) If I win then you tell me something I want to know.

Bo: Nora... what is there to know... You already know everything about me.

Nora: Well maybe... but there's always more to be discovered... You and I both know we've changed since the last time we were together.

Bo: Well that's true... But what if I win...

Nora: You won't win

Bo: But what If I Do?

Nora: Well you won't... but if you do then...then I'll let you kiss me.

Bo: You will huh?

Nora: A deals a deal... you game?

Bo: With stakes like that how can I refuse?

After playing a few rounds of high stakes Skeeball, Nora was winning once again.

Nora: I'll tell you what? Since I'm in a good mood... ( She leaned in and kissed his cheek, causing him to smile.)

Bo: Do you enjoy this Red?

Nora(Feigning innocence): What?

Bo: Don't WHAT Me! Why do you always win?

Nora: Practice baby. Practice makes perfect. Haven't you ever got that?

Bo: Yeah, but I could never grasp the concept. At least not with you.

Nora: Ok ok. I want that Cotton candy.

Bo: Are you backing out?

Nora: Are you crazy? Games over.

He looked up and saw the big red letters that said winner. She had beaten the record once again.

Bo: How do you do that?

Nora: that's my secret commish. I'm the one asking the questions remember?

Bo: Yeah, whatever. Lets get your cotton candy.

After picking up their cotton candy they sat on the grass and looked up at the stars.

Nora: Have you ever thought about what our life would have been like if you hadn't went out on that boat?

Bo: Is that your question?

Nora: Yeah. I really want to know if you've thought about me at all over the years because I can't seem to get it out of my head.

Bo: What?

Nora: You and Me... Us... I just can't figure out how we let it get so bad before we bailed. And every time I think about what went wrong it breaks my heart. Because you were everything that mattered to me.

Bo: You were my whole world Nora. I've thought about everything from our first kiss to the day We said goodbye... And yes... I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't shut you out. you know what I discovered?

Nora: What?

Bo: That it dosn't matter.

( when she gets a sad look on her face, he turns her around to face him. )

Bo: Not for the reasons you think Red. It dosn't matter because it's over. I can't turn back the clock and not go on that boat. Everything that happened that night happened for a reason. I know we can't see it now but maybe it was for the best.

Nora: How can you say that? We had the most amazing love story.

Bo: Yeah we did. But I don't want some love story that fizzles out. I want the real thing. I want to be able to tell our grand kids that we had the kind of love that never dies; that we went through some tough times and still came out on top. Nora, I want to know that we can make mistakes and find a way to forgive each other. Can you honestly say that we have that now?

Nora: That's the problem Bo. We don't have anything. I mean we're sitting here planning on getting married and we're no where near getting back together. This is all for show .

Bo: Exactly. And isn't that the point Red?

Nora: I don't follow.

Bo: this whole "show" we're putting on has reawakened the very thing we're afraid to deal with. Our feelings for each other.

Nora: And what might those be?

Bo: Well I don't know about you... but I think I'm falling for you once again. (When she tried to speak he put his hands up to stop her) Don't say it Nora. Don't tell me not to love you. It's too late for that.

Nora(Tears in her eyes): You love me? Oh God I never thought I'd hear that again.

Bo: Well believe me... I never thought I'd say it.

Nora: Do you mean it? I mean your not just saying it are you? Your not...(He interupts her)

Bo: I love you Nora. The one thing I've realized through this whole mess is that we don't know how much time we have left. I thought I'd be married to you forever and when we weren't it almost destroyed me. But I guess in a way you can say it made me stronger.

Nora: I know how you feel. It made me stronger too. I had to learn to live without my heart.

Bo: Yeah... and I think that's a good thing.

Nora: How so?

Bo: We've learned to breathe without each other. We've learned how to be independent. For so long our whole life revolved around each other. Now I'm not saying that's a bad thing because I don't think it is. I'm just saying it's taught me to appreciate what's really important.

Nora: Which is?

Bo: You. Matthew. The sunset. Long walks like these. Nora, I never realized how important the little things could be. I was always so consumed with the bigger things. Now I'm just grateful to be here.

Nora: You know? That's funny. I always thought you WERE consumed by the little things. I guess that shows how little I really know about the man you are today. I'm sorry for not looking close enough.

Bo: And I'm sorry for not forgiving you in the first place. I put you so high up on that pedestal... I expected you to be perfect Red... and when you weren't I was so disoriented that I didn't know what to do. Our marriage started falling apart long before Sam came into the picture. I need to take my own share of responsibility for that. The problem was that we stopped trusting each other.

There was a breif pause.

Nora: I never thought I'd hear you admit that. We were never the same after Georgie were we?

Bo: I think it started before that. If it hadn't, the Gerogie mess never would of happened.

Nora: I guess you're right.

Bo: You know? This feels good. I feel like we've really covered a lot of ground tonight.

Nora: We have. We've finally been able to be honest with each other. That means we're getting somewhere. (Pause)

Bo: I'm not going to lie to you Nora. I want you back. But I know that we have some work to do... and I know this is a really bad time... but...

Nora: Bo, we're getting married. we'll have all the time in the world to work on all of these emotions. I have so much I want to tell you. So much I think we need to say. But not tonight. Tonight I just want to enjoy being with you. You think you can handle that?

Bo: Yeah, I think I can. As long as you promise me something?

Nora: What?

Bo: That if you start feeling uncomfortable you let me know. I just want you to feel safe again red. That's all I want.

Nora: That's all... ( She gave him THAT look.)

Bo: Well not ALL... But you know what I mean.

Nora: Yes, I do. But you don't have to worry anymore. I always feel safe with you.

he smiled at her.

Nora: I'll tell you what? Why don't we go play basket ball and you can see if you can win that little wager we made.

Bo: Nora, you hate basket ball.

Nora: But YOU love it. Lets go.

Nora watched Bo's face come alive as they played and she was once again convinced she had made the right choice. After a few rounds it was obvious that Bo had won. He smiled at her.

Bo: You don't have to do this if your not ready. Believe me I can wait.

Nora: You shouldn't have to. A deals a deal.

She leans in and kisses him gently on the lips. It does get a little passionate before she has to pull away because she is uncomfortable.

Bo: Well?

Nora: It felt good Bo. It did.

Bo: But?

Nora: Well I was a little uncomfortable towards the end...please don't take this the wrong way.

Bo: Your not ready. I get it.

Nora: Thank you. I think we should call it a night.

Bo: If your ready.

A little while later they arrived at the house. he was about to open the door when she felt a little light headed. She passed out in his arms as he tried to wake her up.

To Be Continued

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