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Getting Past The Pain- Part 7
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Getting past the pain- Part 7

Nora looked at Bo, obviously shocked by his revealation, and he knew he was going to have to find a way to make this ok for her. Right now, she was still too traumatized to deal with how he felt. They would get to that later; right now all that mattered were HER feelings.

Nora: Bo, I... Uh...

Bo: It's ok Red... I was kidding.

Nora: You were?

Bo: Well, sort of. But we'll get to that later ok? Right now I just want you to know that you can count on me. I'm always going to be there for you.

Nora: I know you will... That's why I love you so much...

This time it was Bo's turn to look at her in shock. She turned away from him, obviously embarassed by what she just said.

Nora: I can't believe I just said that. I have no idea where that came from.

Bo: Did you mean it?

Nora: I... I don't really know. I can't deal with that right now ok? the last thing I need is to get involved in another relationship right now. You know I will always love you... whether I'm still IN LOVE with you is a question I've been asking myself for years and never really came up with an answer. It will have to wait a little longer though because what I really need right now is a friend.

Bo: Then you've got one... For life ok?

Nora: Thanks Bo...

She walked into his arms and he just held her for a while. He could see the tears in her eyes and it broke his heart. Somehow he was going to find a way to heal her.

Nora: So how are we going to make this thing look real?

Bo: I think you should move in with me? I mean REALLY move in with me?

Nora started pacing the floors and he could tell she was mulling it over because she was nervous. He hated the fact that she had to feel that way around him but he understood why. She wasn't ready for anything serious.

Bo: Come on Red... is it really such a foreign concept to you? we're already living together. At least I could keep you safe while we planned our strategy. And in order to do that, I think we should at least LOOK like were in love. That means we should start sharing a bedroom. Is that really such a bad thing?

Nora: It's not that it would be bad... In fact it would probably be pretty nice. But that's what I'm afraid of Bo. I can't make any promises.

Bo: Did I ask you to?

Nora: Well, No...

Bo: Ok, so what are you so nervous about?

Nora: I'm not sure Bo. I know you would never hurt me. It's one of the few things I am certain about these days... But I don't want you to feel burdened by my problems.

Bo: Is that what you think? You think I feel burdened?

Nora: I wouldn't blame you. I mean, really Bo, how many times have I shown up at your door?

Bo: sweetheart, that's what friends are for. Do you really think I would turn you away when you needed me?

Nora: No. I know you wouldn't. That's not who you are.

Bo: Ok... so let me assure you right now. I don't feel burdened by your problems. In fact, I feel honored that you would trust me enough to share them with me. (Pause) Nora, we have to do something here ok? Gabrielle told the cops she saw you enter Daniels room before he was killed. I need to know you didn't. then we can deal with it.

Nora(Pausing): Bo, I can't tell you what you want to hear.

Bo: What is that supposed to mean? You didn't kill him did you?

Nora: No. No I didn't... But I did go to see him.

Bo: WHAT? I don't understand. I thought you were sleeping the whole time.

Nora: YOU were... I made sure of it.

Bo: I don't think I want to know this do I?

Nora: I'm sorry Bo. I had to make sure you didn't follow me. I wanted to have a little chat with my rapist. I had to.

Bo: Ok. you mind telling me why?

Nora: Because I thought that if I confronted him about what he did I would finally be able to move on.

Bo: And?

Nora: And I was wrong. Confronting him only made me more afraid. I got angry Bo. I stabbed him with a letter opener... But I swear to you... he was alive when I left him.

Bo: Ok... I believe you. Did anyone else see you?

Nora: I don't think so... why?

Bo: Because we have to get rid of the evidence... and we have to get rid of it now.

Nora: Bo, we can't do that. You know what can happen if we mess with an investigation. You're the comishioner of police. You could lose your job for this.

Bo: I don't care about my job. All I care about is keeping you safe. If we don't get rid of the evidence... well we can't guarentee that they won't hang you for this. Are you forgetting the fact that you have a record?

Nora: Collin...

Bo: Yes, Collin. Nora, that might have been in self- defense. And you might have been released. But do you think the prosecution has forgotten about that? They won't hesitate about bringing that little detail up. And this time you might not be so lucky.

Nora: But... But I didn't do it.

Bo: I know baby... and I'll take care of it ok? I want you to get back in bed.

Nora: You actually expect me to sit here while you risk your life for me? I don't think so.

Bo: I'm not giving you a choice here Red. Now SIT DOWN.

(After he helps her back in the bed, she gives him one of those looks)

Nora: If your not back in an hour, I'm sending out a search party.

Bo: alright. but you still haven't answered my question. Will you move in to our bedroom Red?

Nora(Pausing): I guess it can't hurt.

Bo: Is that a yes?

Nora: Yes.

Bo: Good. We'll talk about what we're going to do next when we get home.

Nora: sounds good... and you BETTER come home Bo Buchanan. I've lost too much already.

Bo: If you give me another one of those smiles I'll certainly be home. (Pause) there it is... You've been crying for too long Red. You deserve to smile. Promise me you'll save one of those just for me when I get back?

Nora: You want to see me smile?

Bo: That's all I want for you Red. I want you to be happy. If you can't be happy, then I want to at least see that smile once a week. Do you think you could do that for me?

Nora: I can try...

Bo: That's good enough for me. I'll see you soon.

Nora: I'll see you.

Bo managed to sneak into the crime scene without much trouble at all. It was locating the missing object that proved to be a little more difficult. He did, however, find one of Nora' earing's on the floor. He picked it up and pocketed it. It was then that he came face to face with Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: returning to the scene of the crime? Must be so hard to accept that your lover is a murderer.

Bo: Gabrielle... SHUT UP.

Gabrielle: You looking for this?

She was holding the letter opener that Bo was looking for. He paused momentarily.

Bo: Where the hell did you get that?

Gabrielle: Come on Bo, it's not that hard to figure out. Nora probably dropped it right before she murdered Daniel.

Bo: Well you better hand it over right now.

Gabrielle: I don't think so. I'm not letting Nora off the hook that easy. You shouldn't either.

Bo: Gabrielle, what do you want? Just cut to the chase so we can get this over with.

Gabrielle: You mean so you can get back to Nora's bed right? I don't think I want to be so generous.

Bo: Do you REALLY want to mess with me Gabby? I don't think you do. I mean you DO know what happens when you do don't you?

Gabrielle: What are you going to do? Kill me?


Gabrielle and Bo got into a heated fight as he pushed her against the wall and proceeded to wrap his hands around her neck.

Bo: I think you know I'm not going to kill you. But if you EVER mess with Nora again, your going to wish I had. Now GIVE ME THE LETTER OPENER...

After she had handed him the goods, he looked her straight in the eyes.

Bo: Oh and by the way... if you tell anyone about this... I'll make sure you wind up in jail for a very long time.

Gabrielle: But I didn't do anything...

Bo: You and I both know that dosn't mean anything in the courts... it will be my word against yours... Do you really want to take that chance?

Gabrielle: Fine. I won't say anything. Are you happy now?

He let her fall to the floor.

Bo: Almost... Now get the hell out of my face.

After she ran off, Bo was shocked to see Nora come out from the shadows.

Bo: What are you DOING here? I thought I told you to stay put?

Nora: Since when have I EVER listened to anyone? (Pause) I can't believe you just did that to her. Bo, you could have killed her. What has gotten into you? I have never seen you so angry.

Bo: Nora, I'm not a killer. I think you know me better than that.

Nora: I do. I know you wouldn't have gone through with it. But still... Why didn't you just leave it alone?

Bo: I told you why. And I could have let her think she had won but I thought this was cleaner. I know what she would have asked for.

Nora: You.

Bo: Yep. And after she turned you in I no longer have an interest in her. She completely sold me out.

Nora: I guess it's a good thing you're through then isn't it?

Bo: a very good thing. Come on, I'll take you back to the hospital.

Nora: Actually, that would be home. I signed myself out.

Bo: Is that a good idea?

Nora: I told the doctors I was going home with my fiance...

Bo: Fiance?

Nora: welcome to the next stage of our plan... looks like we're getting married?

To Be Continued

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