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This chapter is written in 1st person. beware, it's a real tear jerker.


Getting past the pain- part 1

I was sitting in a doctor’s office as I watched the fish swim around and around

until it made me dizzy. I wasn’t sure what she was saying but I had a feeling it

had something to do with that night, which of course, was why I was here to

begin with. I just wanted to concentrate on other images so I could pretend for

another hour that this wasn’t happening, just like I had that night. But I was

slowly losing the battle. I knew I was going to have to talk about the night of

inexplicable brutality.

The tears had started to flow now and I looked up at the girl who was staring at

me in the mirror. Just who was she I wondered? I no longer knew.

Nora: I know I’m supposed to start with some profound words here Doc, but I

haven’t got a clue how to begin. I’m not even sure who I am anymore.

The young doctor, who had a profile much like Viki’s daughter Jessica, looked up

at me and nearly started to cry. I envisioned that it was because she was a

woman and knew this could be happening to her just as easily. But instead of

becoming weak, she took my hand and looked into my eyes the way a mother often

does with her children.

Erin: It’s Ok you know? You’re doing fine.

Nora (taking a deep breath): I guess the first step would be similar to what

they tell you in AA. You have to admit you have a problem.

Erin: Do you feel comfortable doing that Nora? (Pause) I don’t want to do

anything to make you feel threatened. You’re safe now. You do believe that don’t


Nora: All I know is that one day I was planning my campaign, and the next I was

cowering under my desk afraid to move. (Pause) I know I’m supposed to do this

Erin; I know it will make me feel better; but right now I can’t even seem to get

the words out. (Pause) I feel like I’m back there in my office trying to scream

when no words will come out. I hate being terrified; but even more than that is

the fact that I hate being a victim. I want my life back.

Erin: Then take it back Nora. Tell me what he did to you? (Pause) After you do

that then maybe we can work on finding a way to get you through it one step at a

time. What do you say?

Nora (now crying): It sounds so easy when you put it like that. But it’s so hard

for me you know? I can’t even admit it to myself. For so long I had actually

convinced myself that this wasn’t real. I was so sure I was watching it happen

to someone else. But then…

Erin: then what?

Nora: No matter what I did I couldn’t get away from him. I would see him in my

dreams; I would think he was there when he wasn’t; I would see him in others;

even those who have done nothing but good for me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I

needed help.

Erin: Ok?

Nora: I was… I was Raped Erin. That’s what I’ve been trying so hard to run away

from. No matter how impossible it seems I need to find a way out of this. Can

you help me Erin? Please say you can help me?

Erin: I can help you. (Pause) But you might not like what I ask you to do.

(Pause) I need you to take me back to that night. I need to know what you were

feeling. Can you do that?

Nora: It was dark. That much I remember.

Erin: Were you alone?

Nora: Yeah. I was working on my campaign when he walked in; everyone else had

gone home for the night. He was just standing there with this arrogant, smug

look on his face. I wanted him to leave but he just stood there.

Erin: Did you speak to him?

Nora: I didn’t get a chance. He walked into the room and shut the door. I mean

he locked it. That freaked me out.

Erin: why is that Nora?

Nora: because I know what people do behind closed doors. (Pause) I just wanted

to be somewhere else; anywhere else.

Erin: Then what?

Nora: At first it wasn’t any different then before. He was just trying to annoy

me, which of course he did.

Flash back

Daniel: what are you still doing here counselor? Shouldn’t you be getting home

to that son of yours?

Nora: Sorry Daniel, you aint gonna find anything. My past is old news by now. I

can deal with that.

Daniel: Maybe so… But I wonder how your precious son would feel if he knew the

truth about how he was conceived. Did you ever think about that?

Nora: I wouldn’t go down that road if I were you? You will find yourself in a

lot more trouble than simply loosing the race.

Daniel: is that a threat?

Nora: It’s a promise. (Pause) Nobody messes with my kids.

Daniel: Oh come on Nora, I’m just speaking the truth. If you can’t handle it…

Nora: Lets get something straight Mr. Dan. I am NOT resigning just because you

want me to. I want this job; I deserve this job; probably even more than you do.

I don’t like to play dirty but I will if I have to.

Daniel: What is THAT supposed to mean?

Nora (pausing): Maybe someone should tell Riley you sold his little sister

because it tarnished your PERFECT reputation. I bet he doesn’t even know he has

one does he? Maybe that’s because you had an affair with someone young enough to

be your daughter. (Pause) Gee, I wonder what the media can do with that one.

End of flashback

Erin: I take it he was angry.

Nora: Very Angry; the angriest I had ever seen him. He would have done anything

to keep his dirty little secret. Looks like he did.

Erin: Then what?

Nora: He grabbed me by the hair and called me a bitch. When he shoved me to the

ground I knew I was in trouble. I screamed; he covered my mouth. I bit him and

he hit me. He hit me so hard I thought I would die. I wish I had. (Pausing as

the tears come) He pinned my hands behind my back so I tried to kick but he just

got stronger and stronger. He ripped my shirt and started touching me in places

I didn’t want him to touch me. I kept saying No, but it only made him attack me

more. I closed my eyes as he continued to assault me. I couldn’t fight anymore.

I was too tired. I was just so tired.

Erin: Can you tell me what happened after?

Nora: after he raped me, I just laid there motionless as he walked out the door.

He never looked back Erin; he didn’t even care. (Pause) I got up and cleaned up

the mess in a daze. Then I went home and took a shower. I didn’t want to report

it; I just wanted to forget the whole thing ever happened.

(Pause) I blamed myself at first. I knew I shouldn’t have been there that late

in the first place and then I started thinking I didn’t fight him hard enough. I

felt like I had no control over myself. I didn’t trust anyone. I was terrified

of anything and everything that moved. I couldn’t sleep. I spent day’s shut off

from the world and I had no appetite at all. (Pause) I became obsessive with

locking the doors after that. I took hour-long showers 3 times a day. I moved

out of my house.

Erin: Where did you move?

Nora: I… I moved in with my Ex husband. I knew it was a bad idea but Matthew

wanted it so bad and eventfully we just agreed to give it to him. But our

relationship didn’t change; we were just friends. Which is what I really needed

at the time.

Erin: Is that what changed your mind about coming forward?

Nora: I tried to hide it from him but he knows me to well. He saw my bruises

when he accidentally walked in on me in the bathroom. When I broke down, he just

held me. The examination was hard. I couldn’t bear to be touched like that. I

almost tore Bo’s arm off when I begged him not to leave me alone. (Pause) I felt

helpless, and violated all over again.

Erin: That’s normal.

Nora: none of this is normal; none of it. I just want to stop thinking I’m ok if

I’m not. I want to stop being so afraid.

Erin: It seems that you are suffering from a condition known as “ rape trauma

syndrome.” All of this is to be expected. (Pause) when you come back, I think we

should talk about what that means and what we can do about it. In the meantime,

I want you to allow yourself to feel whatever it is your feeling. And don’t put

your recovery and your happiness on hold because of someone else. Whatever it is

you need, then take it. It may make all the difference.

Nora: I will. Thanks Erin.

Erin (shaking her hand): take care of yourself Ok?

Nora: I’ll try.


Nora walked outside and into Bo’s arms. They didn’t say a word; he just held

her. When she started crying, he did his best to wipe her tears away.

Bo: It’ll be Ok Nora? Everything’s going to be ok?

Nora: Promise?

Bo: I do.

She started to relax a little when she saw Gabrielle. Without thinking she

kissed Bo, who didn’t resist. Gabrielle left. Afterwards she broke down.

Nora: I… I’m so sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking.

Bo: I do.

Nora: You do?

Bo: sure. You wanted to be able to be touched by someone. I know how hard that

is for you honey. You’ll get there someday.

Nora: you’re not mad?

Bo: Of course not. (Pause) In case you didn’t notice, I kissed you back.

Nora: Thanks Bo. For everything. I really don’t know what I’d do without you.

Bo: You have me. Always and forever. (Pause) I just want to help you. That’s

all. You want to go to a movie or something?

Nora: can we get ice cream and popcorn and candy? I’m starving.

Bo: anything you want…

And they walked off hand in hand.

To be continued

Bo and Nora Online