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The Love Letter- Final Chapter

The minute Bo stepped foot in Nora's home he was nearly knocked over by an anxious Matthew, who had thrown himself into his fathers arms.

Matthew: Daddy. Daddy, look what I drew? (Pause)

Bo: Woah, slow down there buddy. I haven't even got the key in the door.

Matthew: sorry...

Bo: No it's ok. don't apoloigize. Let me see what you got there?

He threw the keys on the table and turned to face his son.

Bo: Will you look at that? It's a picture of you and me and mommy. It's beautiful son.

Matthew: And spot... don't forget spot?

Bo: Spot? Who's Spot Matthew?

Matthew: The dog we're going to have once you and mommy get married.

Bo: Ok, now you really DO have to slow down. Who said anything about marriage? We haven't even really gotten to our first date yet (to himself) we just slept together a couple times, which dosn't even technically equal anything lasting. (to Matthew) and as far as the dog goes, that's something we really DO have to talk to your mom about. You know how she feels about dogs.

Matthew: But what if I promise to talk care of him myelf?

Bo: Matthew, we'll see.

Matthew: But daddy...

Bo: Matthew, please. I can't deal with this right now.

(He turned away from his son just as marryanne came down stairs)

Marryanne: oh... Mr Buchanan... I didn't know you were coming over.

Bo(trying to hide the tears that welled in his eyes): can you do me a favor and make sure Matthew gets to bed soon... I have to take care of something.

Marryanne: Sure thing... (she paused momentarily before continuing) Is there any word on Ms. Buchanan?

Bo(realizing he has to break the news to Matthew): Uh... Matthew come here?

They sat on the couch as Marryanne watched from the sidelines, her heart breaking for them both.

Bo: Matthew, there's something I need to tell you. I tried to tell you when I first came in but I didn't have the heart. I need you to be strong for me ok? (He shakes his head) Your mom is awake. Physically she's fine... she just... she dosn't remember us Matthew.

Matthew turned to look at his father, obviously in shock.

Bo: Matthew, please say something.

Matthew: I... I...

without saying anything further he got up and ran upstairs to his room.

Bo: Matthew wait... Matthew...

Marryanne: You want me to talk to him?

Bo: No thanks. I'm his father. I think I need to find a way to make this right for him.

He took a deep breath as he cimbed the stairs, hoping and praying for a miracle.


Gabrielle: Who am I? Oh that's rich. Has your conscience finally gotten the best of you? Well sorry Nora, I'm not going to make this ok for you. You stole my Fiance right out from under me.

Nora: Ah, I guess you must be the infamous Gabrielle.

Gabrielle: What is wrong with you? You act like you've never seen me in your life. Cut it out. I'm not buying your act.

Nora: I don't give a dam what you believe. I want you out of my room NOW.

She went to press the call button when Gabrielle grabbed her arm.

Gabrielle: Oh no you don't. I'm not finished with you yet.

Nora: If your expecting an apology you can forget it. Bo told me all about you.

Gabrielle: I just bet he did. I bet you two had quite a laugh. Well that ends here. It's over Nora.

Nora: What is? You and Bo. Your darn right it is. He dosn't love you Gabrielle. The sooner you accept that the better off you'll be.

Gabrielle(pulling the gun from her pocket and pointing it at Nora): That's not exactly what I was talking about.

Nora( looking at Gabrielle and bursting into laughter): Go ahead Gabrielle. Shoot me if you think it will help you. But don't expect Bo to be grateful. He'll hate you for this.

Gabrielle: He'll get over it. He has before.

Nora: Has he?

Gabrielle: We would have been happy if you hadn't messed everything up. Why couldn't you go cry on someone else's shoulder for a change. Why couldn't you just stay away?

Nora: ME? Boy you've really got a knack for remembering things exactly as you want to remember them. I didn't go chasing after HIM Gabrielle... HE went chasing after ME. (Pause) but I guess that's what you're REALLY upset about isn't it?

Gabrielle: was is THAT supposed to mean?

Nora: your upset that he couldn't keep his pants on that night... Your upset that he enjoyed it so much that he came back for more... Your upset that he spent more time in MY bed then he did in yours...

Gabrielle: SHUT UP...JUST SHUT UP.

Nora: Oh what's the matter? Did I hit a nerve... well if you can't handle the truth... ( She sat up in bed and looked Gabrielle straight in the eyes) HE'S MINE BABE. If you EVER mess with MY territory again I'll make you regret it. I won't apoligize for loving him... Nor will I EVER apoligize for making Bo realize that he loved ME. It's not MY fault that he couldn't keep his hands off of me. It's not MY fault that he was in love with ME the whole time he was with YOU... and it's certainly not MY fault that he was more satisfied with one kiss from ME than he EVER was with you. (pause) Tell me something Gabrielle? When you made love to Bo... Did he act like a love sick fool who just couldn't get enough of you? Did he fall asleep in your arms after an entire evening of passion? Did he whisper words of love as he looked at you like you were the only woman alive? (Pause) He didn't did he?

Gabrielle began to loosen the grip on the gun.


Nora: Well the feeling is certainly mutual babe. (Pause) I am SO sick of you constantly playing the victim. I'm tired of always being the one everyone counts on to be good and decent and kind. What about me huh? When do I get to be happy?

Gabrielle: At what cost? Are you REALLY willing to sacrafice someone else in order to get a taste of what you think you deserve?

Nora: When it comes to you... you bet I am.


Bo knocked softly at the door but got no answer. He wiped the tears from his eyes as he called out Matthew's name.

Bo: Matthew please. Would you unlock the door? I know your upset, but we really need to talk about this. Matthew?

When he still got no answer he kicked the door in. He found him sitting on the ledge of his window.

Bo: Hey buddy? You mind if I join you?

He shook his head and Bo joined him on the roof.

Bo: You do this often? (Pause) look buddy, I know this is hard for you. It's hard for me too. To have the woman you love look at you like a starnger is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. It scares the hell out of me Matthew.

Matthew: You're scared? I didn't think you GOT scared daddy?

Bo: well I've got a newsflash for you son. Even the strongest of people like your parents get scared sometimes.

Matthew: Really?

Bo: really. you see Matthew... I can handle most things in life that other people say are terrifying. I can handle the Guns and Violence and Bombs and Threats

Matthew: And spiders?

Bo: And spiders... what I can't handle is losing your mother or you. When I first saw you sitting up here it brought up all these memories of when I first met your mom.

Matthew: it did?

Bo: Yeah... you see Matthew, when I first met your mom I had just lost my wife in a terrible car crash. I was really upset and really sad. I didn't think I could go on anymore.

Matthew: So what did you do?

Bo: All the wrong things... I tried to kill myself Matthew. I'm not proud of it but at that point in my life I saw no other alternative... until your mom broke through to me. She was the only one who could give me a reason to live... the only one who cared enough to try... and she brought that sunshine back into my life buddy...

Matthew: Mom's good at that...

Bo: Yeah she is isn't she? (Pause) anyways, what I'm trying to say is that I don't want you to run away like that again matthew. You scared me when you left like that. I had all these horrible images going through my head. I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you buddy. promise me you'll always talk to me. Don't shut me out Matthew. Please.

Matthew: I promise.

(They hug)

Bo: Ok. So we'll deal with this together right?

Matthew: Right.

Bo: good. Now let's get inside. It's getting cold.

After Bo and Matthew climbed back inside and shut the door, he pulled him into his arms for a bear hug.

Bo: If you let marryanne give you a bath I'll make sure she lets you call your mom before bed time.

Matthew: You're not going to stay?

Bo: I can't tonight. I'm going to go home and see if I can't find some things that might jog your mom's memory.

Matthew: Can I help?

Bo: What do you have in mind?

He goes over to his bed and pulls out a teddy bear.

Bo: Oh I remember this thing. She gave it to you the first year we found out you were ours. She said it would always make you feel safe and loved.

Matthew: I want her to have it until she can come home.

Bo: Oh Matthew... it's perfect.

He kisses his forhead and takes him to Marryanne. He lets her in on their deal and she promises to make sure he talks to his mom. After that he is gone.


Gabrielle: Your really going to sacrafice me aren't you? I can't believe it... You BITCH.

Nora: you know, all the nasty language in the world won't change the facts. I deserve happiness just as much as you do. I mean really Gabrielle... what makes you think you deserve a chance with Bo more than I do? What did you ever do to deserve that? You tried to kill us both and almost succeeded... you trashed my house... you lied to Bo about everything...Does that sound like a woman who deserves a chance with the only man I've ever loved? I don't THINK so.

Gabrielle: And what about you? God knows your not perfect. You cheated on him for God's sake.

Nora: Yes, and he forgave me. but you see, unlike you, I'm really sorry for my sins. I never claimed to be perfect Gabrielle. I've made mistakes. But at least I've admitted them and tried to repent for them. you on the other hand, just keep on lying.

Gabrielle: I should just kill you now and be done with it. You don't deserve to be happy.

Nora: Then do it... because that's the only way you'll EVER get me to give up on Bo. I love him and I'll spend every last breath making him see that I'm the only one who could ever make him happy. You can't stop something that's meant to be. You may delay it, but you can't stop it. So go ahead Gabrielle... shoot me. But you better make dam certain that you kill me beacuse if you miss I'll make sure you never see daylight again. (pause) you know Gabrielle? even if you kill me ... you still won't be with Bo. He's not going to thank you for getting rid of the woman he loves. He'll hate you for the rest of your life. Is that what you really want?

Gabrielle: I just want you gone. That's all.

Gabrielle's hands began to shake as she gripped the gun in her hands. She wanted Nora gone more than she ever wanted anyting in her life. question was... did she have the nerve to do it?


Bo walked into his house and sat down at his desk. He put his head in his hands as he finally let out all of his emotions regarding Nora's accident and memory loss. after the tears finally subsided he got up and jumped in the shower. He needed to feel the warm water on his skin as he had far too much tension in his bones. The minute he stepped in the shower, however, he began having fantasies of Nora's arms around his body as they began to "wash" each other in the shower. After he could clearly see them making love on the bathroom floor, he had to switch to cold. He stepped out a few minutes later and put on some jeans and a flannel. He gathered some of their favoraite CD's and put them in a bag. next he went to the closet and pulled out a photo album from their past. He flipped through it and couldn't help but smile at the thought of all the new memories they would soon be making... first kiss, first dance as a couple, first time making love, first outing as a family, first date, and so many more firsts he was looking forward to experiencing all over again.

Bo: Oh Nora... we had so many good memories.

He put the album in the bag and moved downstairs to the desk. He was looking for the ribbon of one of their dance contests when he came across a letter scribbled in Nora's handwriting. He had never seen it before but it was clearly adressed to him... and it was open. Withoit thinking he began reading. It was dadted on the day that Troy had proposed to Nora.

dearest Bo,

I am writing this letter out of pure cowardness. I just accepted Troy's marriage propoasal. I should be happy right? So why do I feel like I just made the worst mistake of my life? I know you probably wonder why I am writing to you now after so many years have passed between us. But you always told me I should follow my heart and that's exactly what I'm doing. Only if I follow my heart it leads me to your doorstep. I'm not saying this because I expect you to do anything. I know I don't deserve your forgiveness after everything I did. I just want you to know that even after everything that's happened, my heart still belongs to " my commish." I love you Bo Buchanan. I will always love you. If by some miracle you can find it in your heart to forgive me then you know where to find me. If not, then I will spend the rest of my life settling for second best. If we can't be together like we used to then I'll marry Troy as planned. But I don't know? There was something in your eyes when I saw you last. Tell me you felt it too? Tell me we can start over again? meet me at the palce at 8:00 or I'll be gone forever. No hard feelings either way.

Love always,

" your Red."

He put the note down and sighed.

Bo: Oh Red... Things could of been so different.

He added it to the bag and headed out the door.

Bo: If this dosn't make you remember then nothing will. Time for our second chance baby.


Nora: What the hell is wrong with you? If your going to shoot just do it? I'm tired of waiting for you to make up your dam mind. Either kill me or get out. I want to go to bed.

Gabrielle: Why couldn't you have just stayed away? this is all your fault. Your making me do this.

Nora: You know, you and Lindsay would get along perfectly. She didn't get the guy either. As a matter of fact, she ended up turning Bo against her. Is that what you want?

Gabrielle: Shut up. I'm trying to think.

Nora: Well could you think faster... I have to go pee.

Gabrielle: SHUT UP.

Nora: Ok...

She sat up on the bed and started to grab the bed pan.


Nora: Well you won't let me leave so I'm going pee right here...

Gabrielle: STOP... JUST STOP...

Nora: Would you rather it end up on you? it can certainly be arranged.

Gabrielle turned her head as Nora took care of buisness. When she turned her head again, Bo was walking in the door.

Bo: Are you ok baby?

Nora: I'm fine. But Gabrielle here won't leave me alone.

He walked up and noticed the gun.

Bo: Are you SERIOUS? You were actually going to shoot her because I love her and NOT you. Think again.

Gabrielle: This is all your fault.

Bo: Gabrielle, stop it. I don't love you. I love Nora. I will always love Nora. Now I'm sorry if that hurts you but I won't apoligize for it either. You kept me from finding out that she felt the same.

Gabrielle: What are you talking about?

Bo: The note... you do remember the note don't you?

Gabrielle: Bo, I...

Bo: Don't bother denying it... I know. I know all about it. It's over Gabrielle. We're through. Now deal with it.

He went to Nora's bed and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Nora: I remember Bo. I rember everything. God I love you so much.

Bo: How did you remember?

Nora: Gabrielle's little showdown actually helped me get my memory back. I guess I should thank her.

They turned around just in time to watch her shoot herself in the head.

Bo: Wow! Who knew she was so unstable?

Nora: I love you Bo Buchanan. I want you to take me home.

Bo: Well I guess I don't need these no do i?

Nora: What do you have there?

Bo: CD's... I thought it might jog your memory.

Nora: Then dance with me? I just want to dance with you forever.

He put one of the CD's in the portable he brought and she walked straight into his arms. They were dancing when Larry came in.

Larry: Now this is what I like to see. I take it you got your memory back?

Nora: Yes.

Larry: What happened to her?

Bo: she shot herself in the head. She wasn't too happy with my love for Nora.

Larry: Sorry to hear that... you want me to call someone?

Bo: Nah. I'll take care of it later.

Larry: very well. I got some good news for you both.

Nora: well I can certainly use some. lets hear it.

Larry: Your pregnant Nora.

they both looked at each other in shock. Nora then threww herself into his arms and they started kissing.

Nora: Thank you Larry. Thank you so much.

Larry: Hey, I didn't do anything. I'm just delivering the news.

Nora: Can we go home now?

Larry: I'll get the papers ready...

after larry left, Bo turned to Nora, who pulled him down on top of her as they tumbled on the bed. they made love on the hospital bed and were wrapped in each other's arms when larry came in. He just shook his head and left the papers on the table.

A couple hours later they returned home. They spent the evening carrying out Bo's fantasy in the shower. afterwards they went downstairs and Bo made her a gourmet meal. After filling their stomache's they danced another dance and ended up making love right on the kitchen floor. They were wed a few months later in a small ceremony in the house that Bo had built for them... the spitting image of their barn. They celebrated their honeymoon by making love in the hayloft all night long. A few months later little serenity came into the world.
The end

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