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The Love Letter- Part 7
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The Love Letter- Part 7

Nora looked at Bo, who was trying in vain to read the expression of a woman he once knew everything about. Why was it so hard to read her now? She smiled at him in spite of it, and suprised him by taking his hand in hers.

Nora: I'd really like to go down this road with you Bo.

Bo: You would?

Nora: Yeah, I would. (She pauses momentarily) Unless of course, there is some reason why I shouldn't. You would tell me if there was wouldn't you?

Bo: I'd tell you anything.

Nora: Even if you thought it was going to hurt me?

He smiled at her knowingly and couldn't supress the small fit of laughter that was dying to get out.

Bo: You know, for someone who dosn't know who I am, you're doing a pretty good job.

Nora: Does that mean you've kept things from me for that reason?

Bo(pausing): I'm not proud of it. But yes I have. When I look back on it now I wish I hadn't. It only made things worse.

Nora: Is that so?

Bo: Yeah. I almost lost you because of it.

Nora: Well, let me assure you Mr. Buchanan... I am not going anywhere this time. I'd like to hear about your secrets... every last one of them.

Bo: That might take all night.

Nora: Well in case you haven't noticed, I'm not going anywhere. unless of course, you've already got plans. Is that it comish? What?

Bo: You used to call me that back when we were married...

Nora: I did?

Bo: Yeah... You're not remembering something are you?

Nora(Pausing): I wish I were.

Bo: Ok...

Nora: I'm sorry Bo. I know how much you want me to remember you.

Bo: It's ok... really. In fact, this will kind of be fun. I get to watch you fall in love with me all over again.

Nora: Is that so?

Bo: That is definitly so...

Nora: You sound pretty confident there mr.

Bo: I am... You see... ( he leaned in close enough so Nora could hear his heart beat) I always get what I want sooner or later.

Nora: you do huh?

Bo: Definitly...

Nora: Well let me ask you something? (Pause) What do you want right now?

Bo: Well that's an easy one... I want... ( he leaned in closer to her and placed a gentle kiss on her lips) I want you babe.

Nora: Well well...

Bo: What? You can't possibly tell me you didn't feel something there?

Nora: No I can't... You're real good at talking the talk Mr Buchanan....

Bo: I don't think I was talking at all Ms Buchanan...

Nora: Right... Well your a real good kisser I'll give you that... Somehow I doubt that was our problem.

Bo: Right again...

Nora: So what WAS our problem?

Bo: A lot of things really...

Nora: Like what exactly?

Bo paused breifly and Nora picked up on his reservations.

Nora: No... please tell me I didn't... (She could feel the tears welling in her eyes, as she looke dat Bo, who had turned away from her breifly) I cheated on you didn't I? Oh God, I'm SO sorry.

Bo: Nora, it's ok. We've been down this road before. I forgive you.

Nora: You do? but how? How can you ever trust me again? How can I ever trust me again?

Bo: I've spent five years trying to convince myself that I couldn't let you back into my life in that way...

Nora: Well I wouldn't blame you if you couldn't... I obviously hurt you pretty bad.

Bo: You did... I won't deny that Nora. You broke me when I found out the truth. I felt like I couldn't breathe and no one was there to pull me up for air. I wasn't even sure that I wanted to be rescued.

Nora: What do you mean?

Bo: I just wanted to get so far out of my mind that I wouldn't remember we were through... I wanted to close my eyes and drown out the pain... because remembering hurt too dam much. But no matter how far I ran... no matter how hard I tried to shut you out... no matter who I turned to for comfort... it was always your face I saw at the end of the day... It was always your arms I longed to be held in... and it was always you who never left my heart.

Nora: So your saying that you still love me... even after everything I've done to hurt you.

Bo: Nora, you've got to understand something ok? You weren't the only one to blame. No matter how easy it is to wrap it up in a neat little blanket and put all the blame on you and Sam... it's not fair. I have to take responsibility for my part in this.

Nora: How could you possibly be to blame for this? What we did was wrong?

Bo: Yes it was... But you had you reasons Nora. I spent five years blaming you... that ends now. I'm the one who pushed you away... It takes two to mess up a marriage Red. We both made mistakes. I refuse to spend the rest of my life living in the past.

Nora: So what now?

Bo: You have to forgive yourself red. I don't blame you anymore... You have to stop punishing yourself for hurting me. The past is just that... the past. When I look at you now I don't see everything you did wrong... I see everything you did right...

Nora( in tears now): You do?

Bo: Yes... like the fact that you've made me happier than I even have a right to be. I don't want to dwell on everything we did wrong ok? (She shakes her head) We did so much more right. You asked me before what our problem was? Well I'm going to tell you right now what our main problem was. (Pause) Somewhere along the line we stopped trusting each other. I'm not sure when it happened exactly, or even why it happened, but I know it was a slow process. If we had trusted each other enough... if our relationship had been as good as it once was... none of this would have happened. If we are going to go back to that place something has got to change... if it dosn't we're just going to wind up right back at square one.

Nora: Ok... What does that mean exactly?

Bo: If we're going to get anywhere red, we need to get back to that place... we need to learn how to trust again... and I'm not just talking about trusting each other with our lives... I'm talking about trusting each other with our hearts... I'm talking about having that blind faith you hear so much about...

Nora: I take it we used to have that?

Bo: Oh yeah... We used to have so much faith in each other... We used to trust each other with everything... no matter what the rest of the world threw our way... no matter what it looked like... we just did it without thinking... that's what I want again Red... because if we can't find that security again then we're just going to break up again... and I won't go through that again... I won't ok? This is it... this is our last chance... you game?

Nora: well I'm at a slight disadvantage here Bo... I don't remember us...

Bo: Don't worry babe... I'll find a way to bring it back... you just need to tell me if I'm wasting my time...

Nora(Smiling): No Bo, you're not... I Like being around you... If you think you can find a way to make me remember how it felt to be in love with you then I'm definitly game...

Bo: Ok then...

Nora: What's my first task Mr Buchanan?

Bo: well tonight you're going to get a good night's sleep... as soon as you're sprung from here then I'm going to take you on a little trip...

Nora: A trip huh? Is this like a trust walk or something?

Bo: That's exactly what is... now close your eyes... morning will be here before you know it...

Nora(Smiling): Goodnight Bo...

Bo: Goodnight Red...

After Bo had slipped out of her room, she was shocked to come face to face with Gabrielle.

Nora: Who are you?

To Be Continued

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