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The Love Letter- Part 6
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The Love Letter- Part 6

Larry looked at Bo, who was trying his best not to lose it, and he knew exactly what would happen once he dropped the bombshell. This was a classic example of why he sometimes hated his Job.

Larry: I don't know how to tell you this Bo. (Pause) She dosn't remember you.

Viki could feel the tears welling in her own eyes as she placed a hand on his shoulder, so she could only imagine what the love of Nora's life was going through at this exact moment.

Bo: I... I don't know what that means.

Larry: It means that things progressed exactly as I was afraid they would. She dosn't remember anything about her life in Llanview.

Viki: So... So that means she won't remember me either doesn't It?

Larry: I'm sorry Viki... She dosn't even remember her son.

Bo(taking a deep breath): How the hell am I supposed to explain that to an eight year old? I don't even understand it myself.

Larry: I know Bo. This is a bad situation. I really wish I had better news for you. You know how I feel about Nora.

Bo: I know. We all love Nora. I wish to God it was me instead of her.

Viki: come on sweetheart, don't talk like that. Nora would never want anything like that to happen to you.

Bo: And I'd never want anything like this to happen to her. Don't you understand that I'd give anything to trade places with her right now? I love her Viki. I'm always going to want her out of Harms way.

Viki: I understand that Sweetheart... more than you know. But it dosn't help to think that things could have been different. Right now we need to concentrate on what we CAN do.

Bo(To Larry): What exactly is that Larry? Is she ever going to recover?

Larry: We have every reason in the world to think she will. She's a fighter Bo. That's going to work in her favor.

Bo: Ok, so what can I do for her? Can I see her? Or is that just going to make things worse?

Larry: I think it would be a good idea if you DID see her. She's confused right now. If you can be the one person who she can count on, maybe things will work out for you two after all.

Bo: What exactly are you talking about?

Larry: I mean, she needs someone to be honest with her. Tell her how you fell in love. Tell her about your wedding. Tell her about Matthew... (He notices the look on Bo's face and it breaks his heart) Yes Bo, You're going to have to be able to tell her how he was conceieved, AND how you THOUGHT he was conceived. She needs to know it all Bo; the good, the bad, and the ugly. And YOU need to love her enough to be able to give it to her. You have to be able to go back in time and make her FEEL all those emotions all over again. If you can't then you just might lose her forever.

Bo(Pausing): I would do anything for Nora. You know that. I just need to know how much to tell her.

Larry: You'll have to go at your own pace Bo. Let her be the judge of how much she can handle in one day.

After Larry walked away, Bo turned to Viki.

Bo: Thanks for being here Viki. I'm not sure I could of handled this alone.

Viki: It's Ok sweetheart. You'll be ok. Start with something simple.

Bo: Like what exactly?

Viki: I think you'll know when you get there.

Bo: How?

Viki: You'll feel it. Now Go... the love of your life is waiting.

Bo: Thanks.

They hugged and Bo took off for Nora's room. He paused before entering. She was waiting for him when he entered. There was a moment of silence between them before Bo walked in and took a seat next to her. Since Bo didn't know what else to do, he took her hand.

Nora: I take it your Bo?

Bo: guilty... I take it Larry's informed you of the situation?

Nora: Yeah... He told me I was involved with a guy named Bo Buchanan. I think he just wanted to warn me so I didn't act like a fool around you.

Bo: You mean so you didn't tell me to take a hike?

Nora( laughing slightly): Something like that.

Bo: Well I'll tell you what? If you let me stay, then I'll tell you all about our love story.

Nora: from start to finish I hope?

Bo: Oh Nora, I remember every little detail about us. I would be glad to fill you in.

Nora: I bet you would. You seem like a really nice guy.

Bo: I do?

Nora: Yeah... I don't know, I kind of feel like we already have a connection. I can't explain it... I just feel like you're going to turn out to be the best medicine I could ask for.

Bo(Laughing slightly): I'm sorry... it's just... well you said that once before. well not in those exact words but close enough.

Nora: I did?

Bo: Yeah... it was during our early days. You had a migraine... But you didn't want me to worry about you... or pester you about calling a doctor...

Nora(laughing now): well that sounds about right. So what did I do?

Bo: you seduced me.

Nora(Almost choking on the water she was drinking): I did?

Bo: Oh yeah... and when I asked you about it you said that you stopped trying five minutes ago. You said we were out of control now... and you know what? You were right. We were. And I wouldn't have had it any other way. We were good together Nora.

Nora: Were? Does that mean...

Bo: We're divorced...

Nora: We are? I find that hard to believe. We seem so... I don't know, natural.

Bo: That's because we are. It's always been easy with us. (pause) maybe that's why we started having an affair a little while ago.

Nora: an affair? does that mean you're married?

Bo could see the look of dissapointment on her face and he could only hope he could ease it now.

Bo: No Nora. I'm not married... I was engaged for about five minutes but...

Nora: what happened?

Bo: a lot of things... but mostly... well YOU happened. We wound up trapped in a storm and we couldn't keep our hands off each other. We spent the night making love.

Nora(Smiling): well that's something I DO remember? There are certainly wose things to do during a storm. What happened after that?

Bo: Well we decided not to tell anyone... you told me to go back to Gabrielle...

Nora: Now THAT'S something that suprises me... why would I do that?

Bo: to this day I haven't quite figured it out... or WHY I would listen to you anyways. But I'll tell you this much. It never worked after that night. I couldn't stop thinking about YOU. I could barely touch my so called fiance. I certainly couldn't make love to HER when I was thinking of YOU. and before long we ended up in the sack again. I guess we just have that kind of connection.

Nora: Sex?

Bo: Well that too... but I was talking more along the lines of the fact that we couldn't walk away from each other. When your house was ransacked by my bitter fiance, you called me. We didn't have to say anything Nora. It was all right there in our eyes.

Nora: So what happened? Did we end up...

Bo: yes... we were making love when the fire was started. That's why we didn't see it. We were a little busy.

Nora(Starting to laugh): Well at least I had an active sex life right?

Bo(laughing too now): that we did... but I was hoping we could have so much more.

Nora: What do you mean?

Bo: It means I was going to tell you that I had fallen in love with you all over again...


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