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The Love Letter- Part 4
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The love letter- part 4

Nora was standing in front of the window trying to find a way up; Bo just looked at her amused.

Bo: Honey, get down from there. You're going to break your neck.

Nora: You got a better idea?

Bo: Well at least let ME do the climbing.

Nora: Why? Because you're stronger than me? That is so Macho Buchanan. I am perfectly capable of doing this.

Bo: I never said you weren't…

Nora: You know just because you…

Bo: NORA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She came tumbling down when she lost her footing. She was knocked unconscious almost immediately.

Bo: Nora. Nora, sweetheart wake up. Nora.

When Bo couldn't wake her, he knew they were slowly losing the battle. If the fire department didn't get here soon they were both sunk.

About a half hour passed and the fire was almost getting unbearable. If they didn't get out now they were going to die. Where was the fire department?

It was a long way to the window, and he knew he would never be able to carry her the full distance without losing footing himself. Their only way out now was through the fire.

Bo: Ok, baby, I'm getting us out of here. He picked her up in his arms and went to the bathroom for a cold cloth. He used it to open the door and then he was looking out into the smoke and Blaze. He took a deep breath.

Bo: Ok, Buchanan, here goes nothing.

Bo ran through the fire covering her face with his, knocking some debris as they went. They almost didn't make it out as a falling ceiling caused him to fall to the ground himself. After he regained his footing, he worked his way through the wreckage and carried her the rest of the distance. He laid her on the grass as the fire department finally made their way to the house. It amazed him how long it took for someone to report it. If he had waited for them, they might have been dead. She wasn't breathing when he approached her.

Bo: Come on Red. Breathe for me. Please.

He began to give her CPR, when the EMT arrived on the scene.

They placed her on a stretcher and Bo was right behind her, holding her hand the whole way there. When they arrived, Dr Larry rushed her into the emergency room, where they finally got her heart moving again.

Bo: Larry what is it? Is she going to be ok?

Larry: Well she inhaled quite a bit of smoke inhalation. She's going to be weak for quite some time. We think her Larynx might have been burned, so she may not be able to talk.

Bo: and? Larry, I know there's more. I can see it on your face.

Larry: She has a concussion from when she hit her head. It can do one of two things since she has already had memory loss. 1, it could cause her to remember everything she had previously forgotten.

Bo: Ok, what's the other option?

Larry: She might be right back where she started.

Bo (pausing slightly): Are you saying that she might not remember me?

Larry: She might not remember anything Bo… or anyone. If that happens, I want you to be prepared. It might be a permanent thing.

Bo (letting the shock sink in): Oh God… God No.

He sunk to the floor in tears as he felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Gabrielle.

To Be Continued.

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