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The Love Letter- Part 3
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The Love letter- Part 3

Bo was growing annoyed at Gabrielle's tone, as she turned to face him.

Bo: We're not going to go through this again are we? I'm through trying to convince you.

He was about to walk out the door when she stopped him.

Gabrielle: Don't walk away from me. I'm not finished.

Bo: I am. ( He thows his hands up) What do you want me to say to you Gabrielle? Yeah, It was Nora. Yeah, I'm going to her. No, you can't stop me. ( pause)

Gabrielle: I just want to know why you always have to go riding to her rescue every time she gets herself in a mess? You've got a whole police force at your disposal, why does it ALWAYS have to be you?

Bo: Do you really want to know?

Gabrielle( tears in her eyes): Yeah, I do. I think you owe me THAT much.

Bo: Because she's my best friend. Because she's the mother of my son. Because she deserves better than just SOME cop questioning her about PERSONAL things. But mostly because she ASKED me Gabrielle. I owe that woman a lot. She's given me more than you could ever know.

Gabrielle: like what? All she's ever done is hurt you.

Bo( pausing): You just see what you want to Gabby. She's done alot more than hurt me. She's given me back my heart.

Gabrielle: I see.

Bo: And once again, you read more into what I say. ( pause) She's a part of my past Gabby, I won't apoligize for loving her. If I hadn't, I wouldn't be standing before you right now.

Gabrielle: what is THAT supposed to mean?

Bo: She saved my life Gabby... in more ways than one. And she taught me how to love when I thought I was incapable of EVER feeling anything again. I will never forget everything she's done for me. And I won't apoligize for still caring. a part of me will always love her... just like a part of you will always love Max.

Gabrielle: I don't think it's the same thing... hardly.

Bo: Is there something you'd like to ask me? If not I'm out of here.

She thought breifly about confonting him, but decided against it.

Gabrielle: If you Go to her then don't bother coming back to me. I'll be long gone.

Bo: Is that how you really feel? Think Real hard Gabby, because you can't take it back. Our future rides on it.

Gabrielle: What Future? All you want is HER. I'm tired of playing second fiddle to her Bo. Go. If that's what you really want, then Go. But It's over if you do. I won't be waiting in the wings this time.

Bo( breifly pausing): Fine. You can keep the place. I'll have my things out by the morning.

Gabrielle: That's it? That's all your going to say?

Bo: If your expecting me to ask you to stay, don't hold your breath. I have placees to be, and I'm sick and tired of always having to rationalize my every move. You and I are all wrong for each other. Sianara babe. I really hope you have a nice life.

And with that he slammmed out of her life, leaving her in hysterics.


Bo drove like a bat out of hell, trying to make it to Nora's in record time. The whole time he drove, he could see peices of his life in his mind, switching off between Making love to Nora in the stables, and his engagement breaking up. Why hadn't he seen it sooner? Why did it take Nora's troubles for him to see what was right in front of his face? Now he had this nagging voice inside his head. How in God's name would he ever convince her that this was the best thing that could have happened? How would he convince her that he was wrong? How could he ever convince her that they should be a family again now? That would have to wait he finally decided when he drove up and saw her sitting on the porch in tears. All that mattered now was making her ok again.

Bo drove his truck into the driveway and she walked up to him, greeting him at the door.

Nora: I didn't think you were coming!

Bo: sorry. I got derailed. Gabrielle was there when you called.

Nora: I take it she wasn't happy.

Bo: Livid. We're over.

she paused breifly, not sure whether she should lie and tell him she was sorry when she really wasn't. she always thought Bo deserved better, even if it wasn't with her. Surely there was someone that could love him the way he deserved to be loved and not make him feel the way Gabrielle did. Gabrielle made him feel small, and Bo Buchanan deserved to feel like the amazing person he was, nothing less.

Bo: what? No whitty comments. No I told you so's. No I'm sorry's. Wow. I think this is a first. Nora Buchanan is speechless.

Nora: If your expecting any of that, you'll be waiting a long time. I'm glad she's out of your life.

Bo: Well that's blunt.

Nora: Yeah, well I'm tired of beating around the bush. Gabrielle simply dosn't deserve you.

(pause) I'm not going to be reduced to that dreadful " I told you so" Bo, but if you ever need anything, You've got all my numbers. I'll be open 24-7 for you.

Bo: I'll remember that.

they start to walk away when he stops her.

Bo: Nora?

Nora: Yeah?

Bo: I think I like this side of you.

Nora: Yeah? Me too.


When Nora lead him inside, he was suprised at the extent of the damage. He couldn't imagine anyone wanting to hurt her. She didn't exactly have many enemies in this town, or anywhere else.

Nora: You don't think this was a random act do you?

Bo: Do you?

Nora: I might have at first. But after I found these I wasn't so sure.

She handed him the photos. He was devasted. Those memories were all they had and no amount of justice could ever replace them. She could tell he was just as devastated as she was and she reached out and took his hand in hers.

Nora: I know Bo. This was cruel.

Bo: Those memories Nora. That's all we have. Some of the best times of my life.

Nora: mine too. But they're not gone. They're in here.

( she took her hand and placed it on his heart, then she took his and placed it on hers)

Nora: We'll always have those moments Bo. They'll never be forgotten.

Bo: Yeah. I guess we don't need pictures to remember our past do we?

Nora: Not with a memory like ours. I remember everything about that US we like to talk about. Right from the very first time I saw you

Bo: I could never forget us Red. You were the best love I ever knew.

Nora: Vice versa.

She pulled away from him and looked into his eyes, knowing they were about to kiss.

Nora: You got any bright ideas Comish.

Bo( still distracted): Yeah.

Nora: Oh Yeah, what's that?

He could no longer deny what was happening between them right now and he drew her into a passionate kiss.

Nora: Bo... That's not what I was talking about.

Bo: Shut up..

He kissed her again. and again.. and again. She was losing her footing when he lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her arms around him as he began to walk up the stairs, still kissing her. She had no power to resist him now, and she wasn't even sure she wanted to. The house was in ruins, but right now the fire was not what was destroyed but what was burning between them right now. For some reason, neither one of them was able to put out those old embers still burning down to their very soul. He carried her upstairs and layed her down on the desk, one of the few items that hadn't been overturned. She was putty in his hands now. He kissed her as he climbed on top of her and began to unbutton her shirt as his hands began to explore her body. She pulled away breifly and looked into his eyes.

Nora: Are you sure?

He responed with a kiss, and she took that as a sign. She loosened his tie and threw it in a pile with the rest of the ruins. Next was her blouse and his shirt. They were steaming up the room now and they were unaware that there was a fire burning downstairs in the very literal sense.

She tore off his pants and he made his way down to her skirt. They were now on the verge of making love when he looked into her eyes.

Bo: Say it Red? Say what I want to hear?

Nora: Make love to me Bo? I want you inside me. I want you to take us both to heaven.

Bo: God I want you.

Nora: I want you so bad Bo.

She kissed him and the remainer of their clothing joined the rest in the pile of ruins. After making love on the desk, they moved to the floor and made love among the ruins. After they were physically spent from burning passion they began to smell the smoke.

Nora: Is that smoke?

Bo: What?

Nora: Smoke? Bo?

She broke free from his arms and ran to the door. The nob was hot.

Nora: Oh my God, Bo the house is on fire.

Bo: You're telling me. ( he kissed her)

Nora: Bo, I'm serious. This is not the time to fool around.

Bo( finally getting it): Are you serious?

He joined her at the door.

Bo: Oh Geese... How could we not notice this sooner?

Nora( giving him a seductive smile): In case you didn't notice, we WERE a little busy.

Bo: But wouldn't we have smwlled the smoke?

Nora: Honey, we weren't smelling ANYTHING.... we were using other senses if you know what I mean?

Bo: Ok, so what are we going to do?

Nora: Well first we get dressed. Then we get the hell out of here before it's too late.

Bo: Your funny. ( he gives her a quick kiss and goes for his clothes. what was it about her that made it so impossiblwe to resist.)

Nora: I'm not being funny Bo. I'm being serious. We're going to be burn in hell.

Bo: I doubt it.

Nora: Oh really? and what if we do?

Bo: Just shut up and get dressed. I'm trying to think.

Nora: You KNOW who did this don't you?

Bo and Nora: Gabrielle.

To Be Continued

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