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The Love Letter- Part 2
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The love letter- Part 2

~We saw the moon in Colorado

~Made music in Tennessee

~We found the gold of El Dorado

~It's so good, making love, you and me

~These arms, they will never hold another

~These eyes, they are blind to any other

~These lips, no other girl will ever kiss

~This heart, it will always feel like this 'cause

As she stood at the opening of the Stables, She could feel her heart break into a million different pieces. Bo was still in Nora's arms as they slowly made their way inside each other yet again. She kept expecting them to stop, but they only moved closer to the climax. She had about a thousand different questions that ran through her head at exactly the same time. Would Bo even tell her he had spent the night making love to his ex? Would he expect her to go on like nothing had ever happened? Would he leave her? Would he stay? Was he still in love with Nora? Was this just a moment of weakness? Why was it that he never looked at HER the way he was now looking at Nora? She couldn't even comprehend what she was going to do now; all she saw was red.

~Only God could stop me loving you

~Only God could tell me not to

~He sent you from Heaven

~Just to make my dreams come true

~When he opened the door

~That you came walking through

~Only God could stop me loving you

Nora was lying in Bo's arms as the sun began to rise. They had spent the night making love and now she could only wonder if he would want to go back to his life. They had given each other no promises last night, and she couldn't expect him to give her one now. Whatever happened she would never regret the night of pure ecstasy they had just spent.

Bo: Nora?

Nora: Well, who were you expecting?

(She wiped back the tears that welled in her eyes, knowing full well what his answer would be.)

Never mind. Don't answer that.

Bo: Nora, I… I'm sorry.

Nora: I really wish you hadn't said that. (She pulled herself out of his arms and began to get dressed. He could see that she was crying but when he tried to comfort her she pushed him away.)

Nora: Don't Bo. Don't sit there and tell me that this was a mistake. I know that's what you were about to say so don't bother denying it. I told you this was wrong; I told you we should have walked away. YOU were the one who didn't want to stop. Now what? You've changed your mind.

She turned away from him as he struggled to find the words to tell her what she needed to hear.

Bo: I'm Engaged Nora; do you really want me to walk away from that?

Nora: My God Bo, you're such an idiot. You weren't THINKING about Gabrielle last night; all you were thinking about was me.

Bo: I don't know what you want me to say Red. I'm sorry.

Nora (angry): You know what? Save your pathetic apology for someone else. I think I finally get it. (Pause) I'm good enough for you when it comes to what we did last night. Making love is JUST FINE for you; but when it comes to a real commitment you can't stomach it. Well fine. I'll make it real easy for you. I regret what happened too. (Pause) Go back to your PERFECT little girlfriend and make the PERFECT little life you think you can have with HER. But I hope your Conscience can handle it Bo; because she's gonna know that you've been with someone else. I will follow you wherever you go and you know it.

Bo: Nora!


Bo: Fine. I'll see you around.

Nora: Yeah. I'll see you around.

Nora fell to the floor and cried as Bo's eyes filled with tears from the other side of the door. Why was it they could never get it right?

~Now we struck oil in Oklahoma

~and won the Oscar in Hollywood

~and climbed the canyons of Arizona

~and baby, making love never felt so good

~These arms, they will never hold another

~These lips, no other girl will ever kiss

~This heart, it will always feel like this 'cause

When Nora walked into her home a couple hours later, she saw Marry Anne sitting on the steps waiting for her. Matthew! Oh please let Matthew be all right she thought as she approached her. It was then that she realized what had happened.

Nora: What happened here? Are you all right?

Mary Anne: I wasn't here when it happened. Thank God Matthew was at his friends last night.

Nora: Oh God where is my head? (To herself) With Bo, Dummy. Knock it off. (Out loud) Did you call the police?

Mary Anne: Not Yet. I figured you might want to do that?

Nora: Thanks. You can take the rest of the morning off. I think I'm going to be staying in.

Mary Anne: Are you going to be all right Ms. Buchanan?

Nora: Yeah. I'll be fine.

After Mary Anne left Nora walked through he house to find it in complete shambles. Furniture was overturned; Clothing was ripped; there was broken glass everywhere. Who ever had done this, had done it as an act of Revenge. But Who? Who would want to be so cruel? It was only when she saw the torn photographs that she realized who was behind this.

Nora: Gabrielle.

~There aint no girl

~In the whole wide world

~Who could take away my heart

~And there aint no man

~Who could steal your hand

~And tear us apart

~But there is one God in Heaven above

~Who gave me love
~Strong enough to calm my heart

Bo walked into the loft to find Gabrielle waiting up for him.

Bo: Gabrielle? I thought you'd be at work?

Gabrielle: Where were you Bo? You didn't come home last night. I was worried.

Bo: I'm sorry Gabby. I got stuck in the storm.

Gabrielle: Well Gee, that's too bad. I do hope you weren't alone.

Bo looks at Gabrielle, as he has a flashback of making love to Nora.

Bo: No, I was alone.

Gabrielle looked at Bo, knowing full well he was lying, and the memory of their lovemaking was beginning to strangle her. She wasn't sure if she should call him on it.

Gabrielle: Oh Poor Baby….

She tried to kiss him, but Bo's mind was on Nora and he pulled away. He went over to the coffee machine and poured a cup. Gabrielle was only getting angrier. He wasn't going to tell her was he? He was simply going to carry on behind her back. Her thoughts were suffocating her when the phone rang.

Gabrielle( to herself): It's probably his lover. He's going to go make a fool out of me again. ( out loud): It's probably Nora. Why don't you get it?

Bo: Buchanan.

Nora (teary eyed): Bo, Please, I need your help. My house has been ransacked.

Bo: I'm on my way. Try to stay calm.

He hung up the phone and turned to Gabrielle.

Bo: I'm sorry. I have to go. There's been a break in.

Gabrielle: That was Nora wasn't it?

~Only God could stop me loving you

~Only God could tell me not to

~Only God could stop me from loving you

~Only God could tell me not to

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