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The Love letter- Part 1

        The rain was coming down so hard she could barely see through her

        tears. She had cursed herself a thousand times for feeling this way,

        but it was no use. The minute that she heard Bo and Gabrielle were

        engaged she could feel her heart sink and her throat close up. She

        wanted to tell him not to do it, but something inside her always

        made her stop. Besides, what good would would it do? It would only

        bring her more tears and dissapointments. 

     Now she just wanted to put as much distance between herself and Bo

        Buchanan as was possible... at least until she could stop crying

        over him yet again. She refused to let him see that he Still had

        that kind of power over her. Why did she have to be stuck in the

        mother of all storms on a night when her mood seemed to match the

        weather... when a storm raced within her own heart.


        He slammed the car door as he steped into the rain, cursing his own

        foolish luck. Why did he have to get a flat tire now? In the middle

        of nowhere, no less. Couldn't they see that he needed to get home to

        his fiance' in this lifetime? Couldn't they see the storm? Couldn't

        they tell he had his own personal storm raging within his own heart?

        As he pulled his spare out of his trunk, he began to think back to a

        couple hours earlier. He would never forget that look of pure

        anguish on Nora's face. It was as if she had been punched in the

        stomach... like someone had stabbed her in the heart. What he wanted

        to know was why? And why in God's name would she not pick up her


         Bo: Dam it Nora. Where are you?

        He finished the change and got back inside his truck, a new

        destination now in the back of his mind. He knew he would probably

        live to regret this, but he needed to find Nora. He had to see her

        just one more time before he totally changed his life.He had to find

        out if she was ok.


        She pulled off the road and stared out into the night. There wasn't

        a car around for miles. How was she going to get home now?

        Especially since her cell phone was dead. Why was it that those

        things never worked when you needed them to? She threw her shoes at

        the window, setting off the alarm.

        Nora: Great! Just Great! ( pause) What the hell am I supposed to do



        She didn't know how long she had been sitting on the floor with her

        back to the car crying, but when she saw his car pull up she was

        relieved none the less. Why was it that he always managed to get her

        out of a jam, even when she herself wasn't aware she needed

        rescuing? She pulled herself up off the ground, determined not to

        let him know he had gotten to her yet again.

        Bo: You need a lift Maam?

        Nora: Why thank you kind sir.I would love one.

        She climbs into the car next to him and slams the door.

        Nora: You're not some crazy killer are you?

        Bo: Sorry to dissapoint you maam. I'm just an ordinary guy.

        Nora: Just the way I like it.

        Bo: What about you? You're not going to cut me into peices are you?

        Nora: I assure you sir. I am just as ordinary as you.

        Bo: So why were you sitting outside in the rain? That dosn't seem

        too ordinary to me.

        Nora: I got mad. I threw my shoes at the car. I kind of set off the

        alarm. And then I couldn't find my keys.

        Bo: Well then I guess it's a good thing I came along when I did huh?

        Nora: You're a godsend. How can I ever repay you?

        Bo: You don't have to. I was happy to do it.


        A little while later he pulls into the darkened stables.

        Nora: Uh... What are we doing here sir?

        Bo: Well I apoligize maam. The car place is a little too far for a

        spare to go. All the lights are off for miles. We have no power so

        we'll have to wait the rest of the storm out. Then we can call a tow


        Nora( hesitating): Well at least we'll have a warm place to stay. I

        am a little cold.

        Bo: Well I'm not suprised. There's no telling how long you were out

        in the rain.

        He gets out of the car and holds the door open for a shivering Nora.

        She climbs out of the car and almost collapses. He puts his arm

        around her shoulder and helps her inside the stables. Once inside he

        hands her his jacket and goes to his truck to retrieve a blanket.

        Neither one of them called each other by their real names, nor did

        they broach the topic of Gabrielle. For tonight, they were simply

        strangers who were sharing the comfort of a warm place to wait out

        the storm.

        Bo: Why don't I tell you a story miss? It might make you forget

        about how cold you are. You have to stay awake. I think you might

        have a case of hypothermia.

        Nora: Have you ever been in love sir?

        Bo: Some might say I've been in love plenty of times.

        Nora: And you? What do you say?

        Bo: There was only one woman who ever had my everything.

        Nora: She must be pretty special then?

        Bo( smiling): Oh she was. she held the sun, the moon and the stars

        in the palm of her hands... as well as my heart and soul. I'm not

        sure I ever got them back.

        Nora: Why don't you tell me a story about her then? Can you tell me

        about your one great love sir?

        Bo: Sure. I love talking about her.


        They are at a miniature golf course with an oil well)

        B: Golf. This is not golf.

        N: Look, Serenity Springs in a year. I’m kidding, I hope not. Why

        are we so mad? Is it because we’re losing?

        B: Oh, yeah.

        N: Ooh, it is. Oh, Bo, you can’t be so competitive. It’s not good

        for your old ticker.

        B: Yeah, spoken like a true winner.

        N: You’re the one that wanted to play golf.

        B: Yeah, I wanted to play real golf. I’m an excellent golfer.

        N: This is golf.

        B: When I said golf, I meant golf (in big voice), not golf (in tiny

        voice). I play real golf, and I play it very well. And by the way, I

        don’t wear knickers and argyle socks.

        N: And matching sweaters?

        B: This is a puny little sport. Oil wells and windmills in the

        middle of the course, this is not golf!

        N: You said I could pick whatever course I wanted, right? What’s

        that sign over there say?

        B: Miniature golf.

        N: What’s the second word?

        B: (grumpy) Golf.

        N: I rest my case.

        B: You know, you’re always looking for a loophole. I think becoming

        an attorney, that was very, very bad for you.

        N: Yeah. Look at me, I’m a wreck. (shoots a hole in one) Yes! Yes-

        thank you! Your turn. Ooh, Bo, you are falling way behind here. Way

        way way way behind. (he is trying to shoot) I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

        Maybe it’s your puts.

        B: My what?

        N: Strokes.

        B: Well, maybe I need a little guidance, a little hands-on


        B: Well, obviously I’m having a little trouble with my stroke.

        N: Obviously.

        B: So maybe you could just give me a hand, Nora. I’d really like to

        get this right.

        N: Very subtle.

        B: Hmm?

        N: Uh, your strokes need to be more subtle.

        B: I don’t know what you mean.

        N: Well, it’s a smaller course, smaller green- smaller stroke!

        B: Well, maybe you could show me.

        N: Like this. (takes club from him; he takes it back and hits the

        oil well; she laughs) A little too much wrist, so you ended up

        slapping it.

        B: Maybe you could just step over right here and show me.

        N: What, do you think I’m dumb?

        B: You, dumb, no!

        N: There are a lot of traps out there, Buchanan. There are speed

        traps, sand traps and bear traps.

        B: And then there’s me- the tender trap. No, come on over here and

        just help me with my stroke. Come on, come on. (she leans from


        N: Just easy.

        B: Oh, yeah. This straightens me right out. (she hits him and moves


        N: Oh, forget it!

        B: No, come on- you put, you put and I’ll watch. Shouldn’t your

        right hand just be a little...(reaches around her)

        N: Bear trap.

        B: What?

        N: Definitely a bear trap.

        B: No, no. This (squeezes her) is a bear trap! (kisses her neck)

        N: Oh, you gotta stop doing that. (kiss; she pulls away) What are we


        B: Come on back over here and I’ll show you.

        N: No! We can’t go necking on a public golf course!

        B: It’s not public, it’s privately owned, and this isn’t real golf

        anyway! Come on! (kiss)

        N: You’re trying to distract me because I’m winning.

        B: Why don’t we just call it a draw (kiss) and let’s go home (kiss)

        and be alone.(kiss)

        N: Definitely. (kiss)

        B: Definitely what? (kiss)

        N: Definitely a draw (kiss), definitely a bear trap (kiss),

        definitely go home (kiss).

        (They walk in her room kissing and fall onto the couch)

        N: Wait a second. Wait a second.

        B: That’s a second. (kiss)

        N: No, (falls on floor) we can’t. I mean, it’s not as if I don’t

        want to throw out everything we talked about... about being mature

        and responsible. I mean, I do, I want to throw it out, but...

        B: You’re right. You’re right, we weren’t going to be impulsive.

        (kiss- he on couch, she on floor) And I’m going to prove that I’m in

        total agreement by not making love to you on this couch, or on the

        floor, or back there, or over there, or anywhere else. (he gets up-

        she still on floor) I’m gonna prove that I’m very, very restrained,

        with an emphasis on the second syllable. I lost it for a while

        there, but that’s okay, because I’m okay now. I am.

        N: Easy for you to say.

        B: Yes, it is. Because I’m going to show you that I’m completely

        sincere about my intentions.

        N: You are.

        B: Nora.

        N: Mmhm.

        B: Would you do me the honor of joining me for a nice little

        romantic dinner at the country club tonight? (she nods) And an

        evening out on the town, both of which are guaranteed to be the best

        time of your life. (she nods) I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Will you

        join me in these events?

        N: Uh huh.

        B: I’m sorry, I still- does that mean yes?

        N: Yes.

        B: Oh, thank God I finally got you to say yes- to something. (bends

        down over her, still on the floor) I guarantee you that this is

        going to be a night to be remembered. (kiss- he stands up)

        B: I’ll see you later. (she is lying on the ground waving- he leaves

        and waves, whistling Bolero; she tries to get up and falls back)

        End of flashback

        He reaches out and touches her face. She looks into his eyes,still

        freezing but beginning to feel the heat from inside themselves.

        Suddenly, without warning their lips crash onto each others in a

        passionate kiss. He felt only a twinge of guilt as he found his

        hands begin to search her body. The last thing he was able to do at

        this moment was stop making love to her, which was exactly where

        they were headed... and fast.

        Nora( pulling back slightly): This is wrong. This is so incredibly


        she lets out a moan as he kisses the back of her neck. She was

        slowly losing the battle.

        Nora: we really shouldn't be doing this... Why can't I stop?

        Bo( shuting her up by pulling her until she was sitting on top of

        him): I don't want us to stop Red. I just want to make love to you.

        You got a problem with that?

        Nora: What about Tomorrow?

        Bo: Don't think Red. Tomorrow may never come. All we have is now.

        She wrapped her arms around his neck as he began to unbutton her

        shirt. He tore it open and threw it on the ground. He kissed her

        body again and this time she knew there was no choice... they would

        soon be inside each other.

        Her legs wrapped around him as he moved his hands down to her skirt.

        He unzipped it as she began to lift his shirt over his head. They

        both went on a pile on the haystack. Next Nora went for his belt.

        She tore it off, desperately wanting him now. He kissed her breasts

        as he removed her bra. she managed to zank his pants off and they

        moved down to the hay. she wrapped her legs around his as he

        continued kissing her. They were out of control now.

        Bo and Nora spent the rest of the storm having the most passionate

        night of their lives. They made love like there was no tomorrow,

        with no thoughts of anything but how much they wanted each other and

        were powerless to stop. They were so in to each other that they

        never saw a devastated Gabrielle watch from the sidelines. Nor did

        they see anything but the next round of wild abandon in the stables.

        To Be continued

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