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A Will And A Way- Final Chapter
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 will and a way- Final Chapter

the only sound you could hear the minute they stepped inside Asa's mansion was the peircing sound of silence. Clint was doing his best not to look at Nora, Asa was still in shock as he looked at his son, Renee was trying her best not to cry, and Nigel was just trying to keep the peace in this crazy household. Though nobody said a word at first, Nora turned to Matthew and told him to go upstairs while they settled this. The boy who might have put up a fight in the past, was so relieved to have his mother back that he simply did as he was told without saying another word. Bo was so nervous that he didn't know what to do first; Nora took his hand and led him towards his family for the first time since the train wreck. When Asa blinked his eyes she put her hand on his shoulder.

Nora: It's ok Asa. You're not hallucinating.

Asa: You mean...

Nora: That's right. Your son is alive. He's standing right in front of you right now... and you know what? He's scared to death because he dosn't know how this is going to play out. He's afraid that none of you will accept him back into the family once you know the truth. So go ahead Asa... Show your son what your made of. Show him how much you missed him. Believe me, it won't make you a weaker person. It will only make you stronger.

Asa: I don't believe it... You're really here.

Bo: Yeah, Pa. I am.

Asa: Well come here boy. Give your old man a hug.

( They hug)

Asa: Nora's right you know. I did miss you. It's a terrible thing to go through when you outlive your kid.

Bo: I know. (Pause) That's why I had to come back. I hated what you were going through. All of you. But I had to stay away. I had no other choice.

Renee: What are you talking about darling? Are you saying you faked your own death?

Bo(Shaking his head): I'm sorry ok? I wish I could have done what I had to do some other way. But this was it. This was the only way to guarentee that nobody got hurt.

Nora: Bo, what are you talking about? I don't understand.

Bo: I stayed away to protect you Nora. I couldn't put you in the line of fire because of my foolish choices. I would have given my life to protect you and in that instant I guess that's what I did. You see Nora, when i pushed you out of the way of that coat rack, it wasn't only to protect you then, it was to protect you in the bigger picture as well.

Nora: Your loosing me. what exactly are you talking about?

Bo: You remember when I told you about that inn I spent the night at a while back?

Nora: Yeah... What's that got to do with anything?

Bo: Nora, I had an affair with someone that night. I didn't know that she was married, but when her husband found out, well let's just say he vowed revenge. He said he was going to take something that belonged to me like I had done to him.

Nora: But... But why would he go after me? We're not even married anymore.

Renee: But the feelings are still there,aren't they Bo?

Bo: She's right Nora. Somehow, Collin figured out that you owned my heart and soul... and he would have done anything to get you for that very reason... well, I wasn't going to give him the chance Red. I had to find a way to stop him.

Nora: So, the train crash...

Bo: wasn't an accident. Collin planned it... thought over every last detail... except he didn't count on me switching places with you... He didn't count on the fact that I would figure it out before you got hurt. And he certainly didn't expect to get caught in the very crash he planned. You see Nora, he was going to take you that night. an eye for an eye he called it. But things didn't exactly go as planned.

Nora: Yes I remember. I was supposed to be pinned beneath that coat rack... instead you pushed me out of the way... I was thrown from the wreckage just in time to see you go up in flames. But I don't remember seeing anyone that night that looked suspicious. How could you have known?

Bo: Because I was watching him for a long time. I knew his M.O. This was classic Collin.

Asa: This guy sounds like a lunatic. I hope you took care of him son?

Bo: Eventually I did... But I did it legally. He should be somewhere right now rotting away in prison. all these years I was away from you... well it wasn't entirely my fault I couldn't get back to you.

Nora: He kidnapped you?

Bo: For a while... yes. But I got away. I went to the cops and told them everything. They caught him just as he was trying to leave the country. After that I had to go undercover in order to see if his wife knew anything. Nora, You have to believe me... I wanted to get back to you right then. But I was afraid you were still in danger.

Nora( afraid to look at him): Did you sleep with her? Just answer me this one thing Bo? Did you take her to bed in order to get information out of her?

Bo( taking her face in his hands): No. No I didn't Red. I thought about it once or twice. The people I was working with wondered why I didn't. But I couldn't go through with it in the end.

Nora: Why?

Bo: Because every time I got close I kept seeing your face. It was then that I realized I was still in love with you.

Nora: So what did you do?

Bo: I took a big risk... one that under ordinary circumstances probabably would have been a mistake. I told her I was in love with you.

Nora: And what did she do?

Bo: She cracked. She admited that she knew about Collin's plans. They busted her for obstuction of justice and that's when I sent you the telegram.

Nora: Oh God, I'm so sorry... ( She hugged him) Are you really ok Bo? After all this time are you really ok?

Bo: I am now. ( Pause) Pa, look, I know this is kind of sudden, but Nora and I were kind of wondering if we could stay here for a while... at least until we can find our own place.

Asa: Well you know your always welcome but...

Nora: You don't have to ask Asa... you were right. We're getting back together.

Asa: Oh thank the heavens.

They hug.

Bo: There's more you know?

Asa: there is?

Nora: Yes. You see Asa, that little boy upstairs is your grandson. He's Bo's son.

Asa: What? How?

Nora: To put it mildly... Sam lied. He's in prison right now so don't worry about that. I just can't stay in a place that's tarnished by his lies.

Asa: Of course not.

Bo: We want to go out tonight... would you and Renee be interested in watching him?

Asa: Really?

Nora: Really...

Asa: Thank you so much. we would be honored.

Asa goes upstairs with Bo as Nora excuses herself to talk to Clint.

Clint: I have something for you Nora.

He hands her a document.

Nora: Oh my God... It's the anullment papers. How did you get them so fast?

Clint: Nora, I knew you'd want a seperation as soon as possible. You've got the man you love back. we could have gotten a divorce, but that would have taken longer. Since we never slept together, we still have the option for an anullment. I hope you'll take this in good faith. I really want you to be happy Nora. Don't screw this up again by not trusting him.

Nora: I won't. ( She hugs him) Do me a favor ok? Don't sit on your pride for too long. Go after Viki. You know it's been about a year since Ben died... She just might be ready to move on. Who better than her best friend.

Clint: I'll keep that in mind.

Nora: You do that.

She kissed his cheek and ran into Bo's arms as they left the house a couple minutes later. She laid her head on his shoulder as the Limo took them to their destination.

Nora: where are we Bo?

Bo: Oh come on... don't tell me you don't recognize it? Magic has happened here.

Nora: Magic huh? What about all the bad stuff? Murder has happened here too.

Bo: But none of that matters anymore Nora. We got past all that. Everything we ever were happened in this place. We played poker here... we danced under the stars... we made love all night long in just about every room in this lodge... we took long leisurely walks on this property... Nora, don't you rember how we fell in love in this place?

Nora(Leaning in to give him a kiss): Of course I remember it. I remember thinking that you were just about the handsomest thing on two legs that I had ever seen. I was so nervous when I was around you Bo. I wanted you so bad and I was afraid you'd never want me.

Bo: Because I was still hung up on Sarah right?

Nora: yes... and it killed me to think you'd rather be stuck on a dream you'd never have than ever have the real thing. I was standing right in front of you Bo and you didn't even see it. I saw my future in your eyes and you were so afraid to look back. I didn't think you'd ever SEE me.

Bo: I see you now Nora. And what I see is amazing.

Nora: Really? What do you see? tell me?

Bo: I see a beautiful woman who just caught me totally off guard. You see Red, from the minute you blew into my life, you made me see things about my life that I never would of experienced if you hadn't opened my eyes. You made me see the beauty of romance and taught me to see the finer things in life. I never used to enjoy the feeling I get when I'm dancing until I felt it with you. With you I feel like I could move mountains. Every day is an adventure that I want to experience over and over again. You've made me come alive Nora. That's what I see. Because I may have been breathing in this world, I may have been surviving... but I was never alive until you.

Nora: I feel the exactly the same way. ( They kiss) You are the air I breathe Bo Buchanan. Before I met you I was just going through the motions. I was living my life the way I thought I was supposed to, without really knowing what I was missing. But when I look back now I realize that it wasn't really living. It was surviving. When I'm in your arms, that's... that's what it feels like to be alive. You make me feel alive Bo. You make me whole. As long as I'm with you I know I'll never want for anything. You give me exactly what I need. You give me the love and security of a home. You amke me feel like the most desireable woman on the plannet.

Bo: that's because you are. Nora, to me, you're the only woman I see. Your beautiful, your sexy... and your all that I wamt.

Nora: Good.

She took his hand and led him inside. they were kissing more passionately by the time they made it to the stairs. He picked her up and carried her the rest of the way. After he laid her on the bed, she looked into his eyes before kissing him again.

Nora: I love you Bo Buchanan. You are my past, my present and my future. If we go down this road again, there will be no end and no beginning. We are as timeless as we allow ourselves to be. Will you be my forever again?

Bo: I pledge my heart and soul to you tonight Nora. I want to grow old with you by my side. I want to watch our son grow up together. I want to fall asleep with you in my arms every night and wake up next to you every morning for the rest of my life. You and me are as timeless as the stars in the sky. When I look into your eyes I see the woman who makes me a better man. and I want to be worthy of that love. I can't promise to never hurt you again. Nobody can make that promise honestly. But I will promise to do everything I can not to hurt you knowingly in any way ever again. Yes Nora, I'll be your forever. Will you be mine.

Nora: I don't think I ever left. Of course I'll be your forever. It's about time we finally got it right.

Bo: Yeah, I guess it is. ( They kiss) Lord knows we work a lot better together than we ever did apart.

Nora : I want to be with you Bo. Are you going to make love to me or what?

Bo: I was getting to that...

and without saying another word the reunited couple finally gave in to their feelings by making love until the wee hours of the morning. They fell asleep in each other's arms and when the woke the next morning they picked up their son to go house hunting. It took weeks before they finally found the one they wanted, but once they did it was fate. a couple months later they were wed in a small private ceremony with family and friends. a couple months after that, As Clint and Viki were renewing their vows, Nora told Bo that she was pregnant again. They asked the bride and groom to be Godparents to their next child, and of course, all was finally right with the world. Nora and Bo soon welcomed little Angel into the world with only a few complications.

The End

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