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A Will And A Way- Part 7
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 will and a way- Part 7

Bo and Nora were holding hands the whole way towards Matthew's room; both of their hearts were beating so fast that they were sure they would pass out; but looking at each other was all of the ammunition that they needed. Matthew may not know either one of them very well right now, but he was, after all, THEIR son. After all these years they could finally admit what they always knew in their hearts. That Matthew was theirs- and he was created out of a deep and abiding love that only grew stronger with time. Now all they had to do was convince Matthew to accept them after so many years apart. They stopped when they finally reached their destination. He would be just over seven now.

Nora: are you ready Bo?

Bo: I'm terrified. You?

Nora: I'm scared to death.

Nora reached out and took Bo's hand as they held on to each other for dear life. This was what they had been waiting for since the moment they first laid eyes on each other all those years ago. And it wouldn't be love if it didn't terrify them so much. This was something they had learned during the years of their marriage. Now they had to apply it to their son.

Slowly they walked towards the boy who was sitting at the desk playing a game on the computer. It was the moment of truth; a moment that rendered them both speechless. When he turned around, they weren't sure what to expect.

Matthew: Mommy…

Nora (tears in her eyes): Oh Matthew. I've missed you so much.

Matthew: But… But I don't understand. I thought you were dead. How can you be here?

Nora: Is that what he told you? [Pause]

Matthew: why didn't you come for me sooner mommy? Don't you love me?

The tears filled her eyes as she struggled to regain her composure. Bo knew she had to have this moment on her own and simply watched in wonder as she explained the circumstances that had kept them apart for so long. They could only hope he'd understand.

Nora: There was never a moment when I didn't love you baby. I thought of nothing else for seven years. I spent years wondering if you were ok. I even tried to contact you. But I couldn't come back for you until now.

Matthew: Why?

Nora: Because if I had, I would of wound up in prison. I would have risked it for a chance to see you but I couldn't do that to you. I didn't want you to have to watch me taken away… and even more than that was the fact that I didn't want you to be put in the position of having to choose between Sam and me. That wouldn't be fair to you.

Matthew: why would I have to? I don't understand any of this.

Nora: I know you don't. And I would give anything to be able to spare you this kind of heartache. But you need to know what kind of man Sam is. And believe me baby; you're not going to like it. Do you think you can handle the truth? Do you want to know?

Matthew (Taking a deep breath): Yeah.

Nora: Ok, that's what I thought. [Pause] Honey, the reason I couldn't see you was because I lost custody of you. Sam took me to court and basically proved that I was a bad mother. I tried to see you, I even tried to send you letters and gifts, but Sam had me arrested for my efforts. Eventually I had to leave.

When she turned around she was heartbroken to see the tears in his eyes.

Nora: Oh Matthew, I'm so sorry. I never wanted to have to tell you this. But I don't want you to think that I don't love you. I loved you so much that I gave you up. I'm surprised you even remember me. You were only 2 or 3 when I left.

Matthew: How could I forget you? You're my mom.

And without saying another word Matthew rose from his chair and threw himself into her arms.

Matthew: I Love you so much Mommy. I thought I'd never see you again.

Nora: Me too baby. Me too.

Matthew: Where's dad now? I want to talk to him.

Nora (Pausing): you can't.

Matthew: Why?

Nora: Because he's not your dad. And he's in jail.

To Be Continued.

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