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A Will And A Way- Part 3
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A will and a way- Part 3

Bo: Go to hell? Well that might be difficult to do since I've already gone and been kicked out.

Nora: Stop being funny Bo. This is Serious!

Bo: Fine! You want to have a crack at me? you go right ahead!

Nora: You say you LOVE me!? I doubt you even know what the word means. ( pause)

You have got me so twisted around that I have no clue if I'm coming or going. And I HATE it ok? I hate not knowing when you're going to show up in my life. (pause) I'm tired of being just here when you want me. It's all or nothing. I guess you chose nothing.

Bo: I wasn't aware that I had a choice Red. ( pause) Look, I'm sorry. I made a mistake. Don't I get a second chance? Don't you think I deserve AT LEAST that much?

Nora: LIKE I DID!?( pause) You don't deserve squat Bo! I bent over backwards for 2 years... 2 years ok? For 2 years I begged, pleaded and asked you to tell me what you wanted me to do to make things right between us again. And WHAT did you do? You threw me away like garbage. You washed your hands of me. You cut me off from your life... and your heart.

Bo: No red. Never from my heart. I never could get you to leave that part of me alone. You see, I gave everything else to others... but you, you always had my heart. no matter how much I tried to deny it, I couldn't help myself from loving you.

Nora: Bo, it had been 2 years before you dissapeared. I never once heard you pick up the phone and call me in the middle of the night. I never saw you reach out to me when I needed you. I never even SAW you unless it couldn't be avoided. And when I did, you were so cold and so distant with me... and hanging all over whatever blond chick you decided to pick up this time. it killed me Bo. It absolutely killed me. especially since it was my fault.

Bo: What are you talking about Red? How could it be YOUR fault?

Nora( tears forming in her eyes): How could it not be Bo? I didn't trust you enough. I didn't love you enough. If I had, then I never would have broken my vows to you.

Bo: you know Nora, we really can't know that for sure. I think we just loved each other too much. That was the one thing I never doubted Red. I always knew you loved me.

Nora: I did Bo. ( she takes his face in her hands) I loved you so much it hurt. But I want you to know right now that I am truly sorry. I really meant to keep those promises to you. They meant more to me than almost any other promise I ever made in my life; second only to those vows I made to my kids. I wake up every morning and I wonder how I could be such a fool. I never do get an answer. ( pause) But you know what? When I finally realized that you wanted everyone BUT me, I got it loud and clear. I realized you just weren't worth the heartache.


Nora: NO I"M NOT DONE YET! ( pause)

I did what you asked me to do Bo. I left you alone. I signed those dam divorce papers because I couldn't stand to see you look at me like that. I would have kept fighting if you had given me even ONE shred of hope, but you didn't. You were never going to forgive me.

( pause) I hated what I had done to you Bo; to us. That's why I tried so hard to make things right in your eyes. But you know what I finally realized? Nothings ever good enough.

No matter what I do, you always want more. ( pause) I told you the truth about Lindsay and you treat me like garbage because I had the misfortune of having bad timing. You broke me that night Bo. I didn't care what anyone else thought, but I thought you were different. I was in that bar because of YOU; because I couldn't believe I had beenso wrong about the one person I thought I could trust. ( pause) Bad timing Bo? That's all it was. Timing! WHO THE HELL CARES WHEN I TELL YOU AS LONG AS I DO TELL YOU!!! Isn't that what you always told me? THE TRUTH NORA; I ALWAYS WANT THE TRUTH!!! GOD you're such a hipocrit. You haven't always been mr. honesty yourself! Does Georgie ring a bell? and then.. then there was...

she starts to cry and turns to face him a little unsteady.

Nora: Nothing hurt me more than when you made me believe you were dead. Did you know that I blamed myself Bo? Would you even care?

Bo( a little choked up): Why would you do that red? this was NOT your fault.

Nora: But it should have been me Bo. Do you know how many times I cried myself to sleep wishing against all hope that God would just take me instead. I would have given everything I owned for the chance to see you one more time. I would have bargained with the devil himself if I could have just one dance with you. That's all I wanted Bo. I wanted to hold you one more time. (pause) I watched you go up in flames. I tried to move but I couldn't. I wanted to scream for you; I wanted to run and save you; I wanted th throw myself in front of the flames; anything to have you back. But I couldn't do anything but cry as I watched you dissapear from my life. They told me I may never walk again, but that wasn't half as bad as losing you. It was then that I gave up on myself. I didn't want to live. I just wanted you.

Bo: I don't understand Nora. I didn't think you'd care.

Nora: Care? God, Bo, you're such an idiot sometimes. I was in love with you.

Bo( still in shock): WAS? Is that in the past tense now red? Are you saying it's too late?

Nora: It dosn't much matter Bo. I'm married. I have a life of my own now. ( pause)

I ruined my life after you left. Mainly because I couldn't deal with the greif and the guilt was suffocating me. But I also Thought I didn't deserve anything else. It wasn't until I left llanview that I realized I was wrong.

Bo: So why'd you come back huh? I mean if it wasn't for me, why'd you come back?

Nora( tears in her eyes): For two reasons. I came back to Llanview because I needed to see you... to see for myself that you were ok. But mainly I came back for Matthew.

To Be Continued

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