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A Will And A Way- Part 2
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       ~Well hello there,

        ~when did you get back in town

        ~Pull up a chair,

        ~tell me why you look so down

        ~I’ll order us some coffee

        ~We can talk about old times

        ~When the world still turned our way

        ~And you were mine


  The minute she stepped off the train, she wondered if she had made a mistake. It had been five years since she had seen anyone from her past, and she was scared to death.
She was anxious about a lot of things she couldn’t even begin to put into words, but mostly she was terrified of seeing him. She wondered how she would be able to handle the man she had long thought was dead; and whether she would remember what she had at  home with her husband.

 She had never quite been able to resist his charms, and in a way that was how she got her heart broken in the first place.  She promised herself to be strong, and reminded herself to remember why they were apart in the first place, but none of it seemed to matter when she saw him walk into the baggage claim. Her knees began to buckle as she got a glimpse of that killer Bo Buchanan smile. From that moment on, she knew she was his fool. And there wasn’t a dam thing she could do about it.


Nora: Oh My God, It is you…

Bo: Hi Red. Long time no see.


And with that she dropped her bags and ran into his arms. He began 
to twirl her around in the air as she wrapped her arms around him as tight as they would go.
It broke his heart when she started to cry like a baby. It was then that their lips touched in a gentle but passionate kiss. When they pulled away and looked into each other’s eyes, she kissed him again… and then slapped him.


        ~Those years with you

        ~Were the best I ever had

        ~Just seeing you

        ~Brought those precious memories back

        ~We had some good times

        ~And we had some bad

        ~But the worst times with you

        ~Were still the best I ever had


Bo: I guess I deserved that.

Nora:(Crying): How could you do this to me Bo? I grieved for you; I 
almost destroyed myself in the process. How could you let me think 
you were dead? I thought you were different. I really thought I was 
right about someone. How could I have been so wrong?

Bo: You weren’t wrong Red… 


Nora: What would you call it? You misled me and everyone else. You 
never died in that accident. You were alive and well. 

Bo: Well if you would shut up for five minutes I could tell you what really happened…

Nora: Why should I give you the time of day after what you did? 
(Pause) I don’t give a dam why you did it. I only know you did. I 
never want to see you again. 

She started to walk away when Bo grabbed her ankles and lifted her 
over his shoulder. She was screaming as he picked up her luggage and  walked out of the airport without another word. Once they were in the limo headed for parts unknown, she decided it was time to break the ice.

Nora: So now you’re adding kidnapping to your resume? Great Bo, just  great! 

Bo: I hardly think you’ll be complaining once we get where we’re 
going. I didn’t ask you to leave Paris just to have you walk away. 
We’re going to have this out Red. One way or another, we’re going to 
have this out. 

Nora: what makes you think I came for you? Are you that arrogant? 

Bo: I’d like to see you deny it? Come on Nora, look me in the eyes 
and tell me you didn’t feel a thing when we kissed? You can’t do it  can you?


        ~Guess we should say goodbye

        ~It’s time to go

        ~Didn’t mean to make you cry

        ~I just wanted you to know


Nora: This isn’t fair Bo. I’m married. I have a life in Paris. A life that doesn’t include you. 

Bo: That doesn’t answer my question? (Pause) You still like to dodge 
the personal stuff don’t you? Well not this time. This time, it’s all or nothing. 
Nora: What is that supposed to mean? 

Bo: It means we’re taking a gamble here Red. I’m offering you 
everything you’ve ever wanted on a silver platter- you can either 
choose to bet in favor of it, or against it. But the one thing you 
will do is play the game. 


Nora: well I always win them anyways… What’s it going to be this 

Bo (pausing): This is your life Nora Hanen Gannon Buchanan. 


        ~Those years with you

        ~Were the best I ever had

        ~Just seeing you

        ~Brought those precious memories back

        ~We had some good times

        ~And we had some bad

        ~But the worst times with you

        ~Were still the best I ever had


Nora looked up at Bo in shock.

Nora: My life? You can’t be serious? I already know everything there 
is to know about my life. I lived, and breathed it since the day I was born. 

Bo: But you haven’t seen it from the perspective of someone who 
adores you. I want you to see what I see. I want you to be able to 
open that can of worms and be convinced that I love you in spite of 
it. We’re going to talk Nora. Or rather we’re going to play. And by 
the time this game is done, you’re going to be convinced that this 
crazy fool is completely head over heels in love with the woman in 
front of him. 


 Nora (tears in her eyes): what? Would you mind repeating that? I 
don’t think I heard correctly. What did you say?

 Bo: Your hearing is just fine Red. (Pause) But I ‘d be happy to 
repeat it. I just said I’m in love with you… 



      ~Yeah, the worst times with you

      ~Were still the best I ever had

Bo and Nora Online