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Chapter 1- 5 years later



 The train station was filled with the unmistakenable aroma of 
Cigerette smoke as she walked into the baggage claim. She had a  smile that could either take you in or scare you to death; eyes that  could either see right through you or tell you she was taking no prisoners; and a bush of flaming Red hair that told you she was all of four things: Feisty, Independent, Oppinionated, and Stubborn as hell.


 After dropping off her bags, she made her way to the seat by the window with a sexy walk. All eyes were on the woman who could easily become a godess. They only hoped she wasn't taken. which, of course, she was. 


 It had been five years since he had even seen the woman in the 
photograph. What would she be like now? Was she in love? Would she even come?  A million different thoughts ran through his head enroute to the train station. Why she had chosen this particular transportation route after what had happened before he'll never know. But Nora Buchanan was a woman of many talents, and one of them was never failing to suprise you. He could guess there was probably a million different things he didn't know about her ( like the fact that she had taken up smoking 5 years ago. ) One thing was for sure howerever, he HAD to see her.



As the train took off , she found herself staring at the telegram 
once again.

   I need to see you

  Come back to Llanview


She tried to control the tears that were now pouring down her face, but it was a loosing battle. How was it even possible to hope for something that she had given up on seconds after it happened 5 years ago? When the train exploded with her True love aboard she had given up on everything and anything of importance. She had even lost custody of her son. God how she missed her Matty. She could only imagine how he had grown up without her... and it didn't seem fair. Still, she had to admit, the thought of seeing the man she was forced to give up on again, was enough to give her butterflies yet  again. She needed to know the truth.

She couldn't even imagine what Llanview, penselvania looked like now, for she imagined that change could be brutal. The last time she had seen any of her friends was days after the crash that took her Ex's life. And though she missed them terribly, she convinced herself that it was the only way to survive loosing both Bo AND her son. Now she was not only going back, she was stepping back into her past, a town full of memories and an uncertain future.



As the limo started down the road, he found himself thinking about the telegram he sent her.

        I need to see you.

        Come Back to Llanview



Was it really fair for him to ask her to drop everything to come back to a town that only held bad memories for her? Wasn't it, in a  sense, selfish of him, when he could have just easily went down to paris to see HER? But that was the point wasn't it? SHE was married. She had a life down there; a life he was about to ask her to give up. He didn't want to see that life; be a part of it; because if he did he would never have the courage to admit what he was about to admit. That he  loved her and he wanted her back.

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