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Sliding Doors- Part 1
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Sliding doors- Part 1

Preview: What would have happened if Drew hadn't been killed that fateful night? What if you could see into your future? Would you still make the same choices? Watch Nora, as she watches her life through two different pairs of eyes: The door in which her life falls apart, and the door where all her dreams come true. Will they collide? Can she really change the past?? Stay tuned.


She was sitting in the doctor's office with a nervous feeling in the pit of her stomach; a million different questions running through her mind. Her husband sat at the edge of the bed, holding her hand for moral support. This was the day that everything could change.

Nora: Bo, you don't have to be here you know? I know you want to be at Kevin's funeral.

Bo: Honey, we'll be there as soon as the doctors tell us what we've been waiting to hear all afternoon. I'm sure Clint and Viki will understand if we're late.

Nora: We're always late.

Bo: That's my point Red. They'll understand.

Nora (smiling): Thanks Comish. I feel better knowing that you're here with me.

Bo: I wouldn't be anywhere else. This is where I belong.

They kiss.

Nora: So what are you hoping for honey?


I know what I'm hoping for but I need to know that you're with me. I can't do this alone.

He leaned over and took her face in his hands. They looked into each other's eyes with an intense longing only they could give each other. They were lead into a passionate kiss that lasted only seconds, but still left them breathless.

Bo: I love you Nora. I would do anything for you. (Pause) If this is what you want then I want it to.

Nora: Really?

Bo: Really! (Pause) aw Red. I really hope we have a chance to bring a child into the world that will only strengthen our love for each other. But even if we can't I want you to understand something ok?

Nora: What?

Bo: It's never going to change how I feel about you. I love you Red. And I'm here to stay. You better start believing that from now on. Deal?

Nora (Smiling): I've got a feeling you're going to make sure I do.

Bo: You can count on it. (They kiss. The doctor walks in)

Nora: Well Dr. Conklin? Am I pregnant?

Doctor (handing her her file): Congratulations Nora. You're definitely expecting.

Nora (leaping out of bed and into Bo's arms): Oh Bo. We're going to have a baby. Oh I'm so happy.

Bo: Me too honey. Me too.

Doctor: Take it easy Nora. I mean it. This is an extremely high -risk pregnancy. I want you in here first thing next week so we can talk about what's going to happen.

Nora: Thank you. Thank you so much.

Bo: Don't worry doctor. I'll make sure she takes very good care of herself.

Doctor: You better.

She was staring out into the night, watching the snowflakes fall one at a time. She couldn't be sure if what she just saw was a mirage or reality. Everything in her life has been so far out of reach.

Nora: Bo!

She was sitting in the doctor's office crying after she was informed of her condition. She wasn't really sure why it made her so upset; isn't that why she had slept with Sam in the first place? Isn't that what she had told herself time after time? Still the reminder of that night was something she wanted to forget. How could she live another day in denial? She had to tell Bo the truth. Even if she lost him, whom she most certainly would, at least he would know the truth she tried so hard to deny. She simply didn't deserve him now. She threw the invitation to the woman of the year banquet in the trash and prepared to face him. When she arrived she found that he had prepared the barn for a romantic evening alone. She almost started crying but forced the tears away. She would have one more night of pure bliss before she broke his heart and destroyed her own.

Bo: Hey Red. I was waiting for you. How did it go at the doctor's office?

Nora: Fine. What's all this?

Bo: I wanted to do something special for you. I think it's time we got our marriage back on track.

Nora: Does this mean what I think it means?

Bo: It means… (He pulls her in his arms) It means that I'm ready to let Drew go and start living again. May I have this dance?

Nora (Trying to smile): I would be honored.

She took his hand as he led her to the dance floor. As they got lost in the music, all they could feel was their hearts racing as they held each other tight.

~He could see the storm clouds rolling across the hill

~He barely beat the rain in from the fields

~And between the back door slammin' she heard him say

~" Dam this rain. and Dam this wasted day"

~But she's been waiting for this day for oh so long

~She was standing in the kitchen with nothing but her apron on

~And in disbelief h stood and he stared a while

~When their eyes met, they both began to smile


~Somewhere other than the night

~She needs to hear I Love you

~Somewhere other than the night

~She needs to know you care

~she wants to know she's needed

~She needs to be held tight

~Somewhere other than the night


~They spent the day wrapped up in a blanket

~On the front porch swing

~He'd come to realize he'd neglected certain things

~And there are times she feels alone, even by his side

~It was the first time she ever saw him cry


~somewhere other than the night

~She needs to hear I love you

~Somewhere other than the night

~She needs to know you care

~She wants to know she's needed

~She needs to be held tight

~Somewhere other than the night


~To know she's needed

~She needs to be held tight

~Somewhere other than the night


They walked the stairs hand in hand, where they spent a passionate night in each other's arms. Nora watched Bo sleep for what seemed like ages, and in the morning when he woke she was gone. All that was left in her place was a note explaining why she couldn't be his wife anymore.

She was jerked out of her daydreams by a hand on her shoulder. When she turned to look up at him, she was confused. As another snowflake fell, she found herself wondering which life she was leading now. Or were they both a dream? She wiped her eyes and looked into his eyes for answers, she still couldn't tell. When he kissed her, she thought she had her answer. That is until she noticed the date on the calendar. 3 days before the shindig that would change someone's life forever.

Nora (to herself): I don't believe it. I'm seeing into the future. That means I've got three days. Three days to make sure no one's killed; three days to make sure I don't lose my husband.

Bo: Nora? Honey are you ok?

Nora (snapping out of it): What? Oh, Yeah. I'm fine.

Bo: You ready for bed?

Nora: Well that depends. Are you tired?

Bo: Not THAT tired.

Nora: I'll race you…

Bo: 123…

Nora: Bo…

Bo chased Nora upstairs and caught her on the bed. He began to tickle her and she laughed. They started kissing. They made love in every corner of the bedroom until they decided to take it to the shower for another round. After making love till the morning light she fell asleep in his arms. She couldn't help but feel a sense of dread, knowing that she could lose everything in three days.

Nora( to herself): I won't let that happen Bo. This is where I belong.

And chasing away the thought she closed her eyes, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking and enjoying the feel of his arms around her.

To Be Continued

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