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The Ties That Bind- Chapter 3
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The ties that bind- Part 3

2 years later

She stood at the mirror, holding a knife in her trembling hands. For two years she had been his prisoner and his victim; she had shut her eyes when he raped her over and over again; she had allowed him to force her to marry him with a gun to her head; and most of all she had ignored the tears when she wrote the letter that made Bo give up on her.

Nora (crying): I'm sorry Bo. You have no idea how sorry I am. I had no choice.

She lifted the nightgown off her shoulders and stared at the bruises throughout her body. There were so many ways he had abused her, and not all of them were physical. She told herself the obvious would heal; but she wondered about the emotional. Could she really stand in a courtroom and fight for justice when deep down she knew there would be none? The bad guys always went free, and the good were always convicted. One thing she had learned from this time was that appearances weren't always what they seemed.

She put the knife on the counter and scribbled some words on a pad of paper.

Dearest Bo,

I hope to God you never have to read this, but if you are you know why. I couldn't leave this world without letting you know how much you mean to me. You have given me something that most women never find in one lifetime and I will forever hold it in my heart, even as I leave it behind. You have taught me what it means to love someone so completely that you would rather set them free than ever hurt them. I love you Bo. There was never a day that went by that I didn't love you. You were my sun, my moon and my stars all rolled into one. I could look at you and know in an instant that nothing would ever be so dark that I couldn't see my way through. You see sweetheart, you were the light at the end of my tunnel. I wish I hadn't wasted so much time running away from that, because it was the truest thing I'd ever known. Your love made me move mountains.

I'm sorry Bo. I'm sorry for all the pain I ever caused you. Not just for being a complete idiot by stepping out on the best love I've ever known in the worst possible way, but for not trusting you enough to come back to me. You see I was never very good when it came to matters of the heart. I always managed to screw it up in one way or another; and boy did I screw up this time. You broke my heart Bo Buchanan. And I know I broke yours. We were pretty good at that weren't we? We always managed to forget what was really important. Well not anymore. I am writing this letter with a clear head, and an open heart. I am completely, head over heels in love with you Bo. I only wish we had a chance to chase our dreams. They always lead us back where we belong. My heart is you, and yours is me. It will always be that way comish, even beyond eternity. Never forget me ; but be happy. You deserve only the best. Take care of Matthew and let him know that his momma never stopped thinking of him for a second. Everything I did I did for you and Matt and Rach. Take care of her too Bo. Let her know I love her. Tell Viki and Renee I will always cherish our friendships. I will be watching over all of you. Every single one of you.

Love always

Your Red.

She put the pen down as tears fell from her face.

Nora: I love you Bo. I love you so much.

She scribbled a few more notes and put them in her pocket. She would make sure he knew what had really happened. She had to.

She picked up the knife and stared in the mirror. She knew what she had to do to get out of here; She only hoped she was right about him.

30 minutes later

He kicked the door down when he heard her screams, only to find her lying in a puddle of blood with a slashed wrist. He ran to her side and felt a pulse. It was weak so he knew he had to get help for her. If he waited too much longer she would be dead. He couldn't let that happen.

Ok Beautiful, lets go.

He picked her up and carried her out the door, as Nora began to slip further away from reality.

To be continued
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