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Favoriate Bo and Nora Quotes:

Nora(To Bo on New Years Eve): I want to show you how much I adore you and am permanently devoted to you.


Bo:  Your Stuck with me Red. Nobody is going to hear your distress signal.


Nora(To Sam, Regarding Bo):  What scares me is the fact that I need him so much. It's like he's oozed into secret places that I never knew existed. He's become a part of me. We've been skating on some really thin ice this past year... really thin. But Suddenly now everything seems to be resolving itself and we're going to make it. What panics me is the thought of loosing him. Because I'm not just me anymore. I'm Nora and Bo. Like it's one word. NoraandBo.

I never... honestly, I never knew I could share so much space with one person, except when I was pregnant with Rachel, when she was inside me next to my heart, in my heart. Bo's love is like an unborn child. It just grows and grows and fills me up until its almost hard to breathe. Thats how in love with my husband I am.


"Honey, you gotta know...I never wanted, never touched, never looked at another woman since I met you. Well, I never loved anyone in my whole life the way I love you...and never will.

"I love you so much...

"...that it hurts."


"I know. I feel the same way...exactly the same way."


Nora: You may be a twirp... but you're MY twirp.


Bo tries to convince Nora to take an hour off from work for an afternoon lovemaking session.

Nora: What about Sam?

Bo: Sam's not invited

Nora: You are so bad

Bo: If you follow me home, I'll be even badder

From Soap Opera Digest


Bo: There's nothing that you could ever do that I couldn't forgive you for.


Nora: Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
Bo: I will if you will.
Bo: I swear.
Nora: So help me God.
Bo: So help me God. I told my father, Asa Buchanan, to stop insulting the woman I love.
Nora: (hiding a smile) Oh, yes, well, is this woman present here?
Bo: Is she ever.
Nora: Could you point her out to me, please?
Bo: With the court’s permission, I’ll do better than that. (goes over and kisses her)
Nora: Are you positive that this is the woman?
Bo: Absolutely. I know by the scent of her hair, by the way that her eyes sparkle, by the way that she feels when I’m holding her against me. Her name is Nora Gannon, and I love everything about her, from her incredibly sharp mind to her incredibly bad eating habits.
Nora: And there’s never a chance that you’re mistaken?
Bo: Impossible. But I’d like to testify just a little bit more. Not only did she save my life and restore my faith in humanity, she did something even harder than that- she made me happy again. (kiss)
Nora: Case dismissed. (kiss) Oh, God. I thought men like you were extinct. (he laughs) It’s true! That’s why I gave up looking and I just crammed my life full of work. I filled my life with so many clouds of legal briefs, too dense to even see how lonely I really was. Then the clouds broke away- there you were. Sunlight looking in. I don’t know how I got to be so lucky. Do you love me, Mr. Buchanan?
Bo: Uh-huh.
Nora: I love you. So help me God. (kiss)
Bo: You know, I swear, with you with me, I’m- I’m unbeatable!
"Our marriage is falling apart here, Bo."

"Maybe, just maybe. Not definitely."

"But what if it is falling apart? What if I'm losing the best friend I ever had."....


Unless you're saying you want out. Is that what this is all about?"

"I can't believe you would even think that. I don't. I most emphatically do not want out."

"Then what do you want?"

"I want us to stop fighting. I want to be able to talk to you. I can't make it through a day without running it by you. The day doesn't even exist if I haven't told you about it. If I can't talk to you about it. If I can't tell you about my day then I'm the lonliest woman in the world."



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