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Getting Past The Pain- Final Chapter
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Getting Past The Pain- Final Chapter

The doctor was about to break the news when Marty came out of the room with that same look on her face.

Marty(To the doctor): I'll handle this ok?

After the doctor walked away, Bo turned to Marty.

Bo: What's going on Marty? You both look like hell.

Marty: She just lost the baby Bo. I wanted to be the one to break it to you because she's going to need you more than ever right now. (Pause) Bo, you can't tell her that this is for the best even if you feel that way. Even if that child was half Daniel's, it was still Nora's baby. And she's going to be devastated.

Bo( Regaining his composure): Nora's feelings have always been all I cared about. Of course I'm not going to say that to her. I just pray to god she dosn't try to back out of our wedding plans now.

Marty: Are you telling me your feelings for her are real Bo? I know you only planned to marry her to keep her out of prison.

Bo: She COULD still go to prison Marty. So could I. That man was a creep who deserved to die for what he did to her. I will NOT sit here and pretend that I'm sorry he's gone.

Marty: I don't expect you to. But you didn't answer my question?

Bo: Do I love her? You bet I do. I'd love nothing more than to spend eternity with that woman in there. I just have to convince HER.

Marty(Smiling): Then don't let her push you away. No matter how hard she tries, let her know you'll still be waiting for her.

Bo: That's exactly what I plan to do.

When Bo walked in the room, Nora was just beginning to open her eyes. This was the part he hated.

Bo: Hey Red. How you feeling?

Nora: Tired. (Looking around) What happened?

Bo: You collapsed. Don't you remember anything?

Nora: I... Uh... (Suddenly getting it) Oh God, the baby. I lost the baby didn't I?

Bo: Nora....

Nora: No please.... I need the truth Bo. I know you want to protect me but I need the truth. I can handle it. Am I still pregnant?

Bo(Pausing): I'm sorry Red. The baby's gone.

Nora(Putting her hand over her head): Oh God. God No. (She turned to face Bo) I know you probably think this is for the best... and who knws, maybe you're even right, but she was still my baby.

Bo: She?

Nora: Call it a feeling. A mother always knows. (Pause) My God, I didn't even want her half the time. I just wanted to pretend the whole thing never happened. I even made an appointment with an abortion clinic at one point. But I couldn't go through with it. I could never wish my own child dead no matter where she came from.

Bo: That's because your a good person Nora Buchanan. You see the good in everyone and I really admire you for that. ( He took her hand in his. a little while later she let it go)

Nora: I never wanted her to grow up that way Bo. She would have been hated because of where she came from. I guess in a way it's for the best. But... But I still miss her.

When she started crying, Bo took her in his arms. When she pulled away, she was suddenly very aware of what this meant.

Nora: I guess this means your off the hook.

Bo: Off the hook?

Nora: Well yeah... I'm not pregnant anymore. You don't have to marry me anymore.

Bo: Alright hold it right there. First of all, I didn't agree to marry you because I thought I HAD to.

Nora: I know. You were protecting me. That's over now.


Nora: Ok. I'm sorry.

Bo: Did you suddenly forget the fact that I told you I loved you? DID YOU? Because I WANT to marry you Red. Not because I HAVE to, or because I want to protect you... I want to marry you because I can't stand the thought of spending another second without you. Please tell me you understand that?

Nora: I...

Bo: Nora, don't do this to me. Don't push me out of your life again because you think I'll be better off. I can tell you right now that I won't. I love you Red. Always and forever. And I will still be here when you come through to the other side. I'm not going anywhere no matter how hard you try to push me away.

Nora: Even if it's what I want?

Bo: It's NOT what you want. It's what you think is best. So I'll tell you what? If you make me go away right now... I'll just park myself right outside that door and wait until you fall asleep.

Nora: And what will you do once I do?

Bo: Easy. I'll come and sit right where I am right now and watch you. I don't want to let you out of my sight again.

Nora(Smiling): Ok Bo. I Get it.

Bo: Does that mean I can stay?

Nora: Yes, You can stay.

Bo: And our wedding? Is it still on?

Nora: As if you'd LET me stop it? (Pause) Yes, It's still on.

Bo: Good. (He took her hand)

Nora: Excuse me but shouldn't you seal the deal a little better than that? I mean, you just got through telling me how much you love me. That's the best you can do?

He leaned down closer and she pulled him into her arms for a passionate kiss.

Nora: That's better.

Bo: Nora?

Nora: Yes...

Bo: You want to tell me what that was REALLY about?

Nora: God I hate it when you know me that well.

Bo: So spill.

Nora: I'm just tired of feeling this dirty. I want to be able to feel that kind of pleasure again.

Bo: You will baby. One day you will. You just wait.

Nora: Thanks.

Bo: No problem.

Nora: Well could you at least come up here and hold me.

Bo: That's something I can do.

As Bo watches the days turn into weeks, Nora is slowly beginning to heal. They spent most of their days together and their nights were spent talking on the phone about everything and nothing. After she would fall asleep he often found himself showing up at her doorstep just to check on her. He would stand in the doorway and watch her for a while and then dissapear downstairs and crash on her couch. He would wake up at five in the morning and be gone before she wandered downstairs and caught him. But this time he was busted. Just as she was opening her eyes at night, she caught a glimpse of him staring at her. Since she couldn't see who it was she ended up clobbering him with the bed post. When she heard his moans of agony, she turned on the light and ran to his side.

Nora: Bo? Bo are you ok? Bo?

Bo: Remind me never to get on your bad side ok? You just about killed me Red. You've got some aim.

Nora: Well I didn't KNOW it was you. What the hell are you doing in my bedroom in the middle of the night?

Bo: Watching you sleep. is that a crime?

Nora: It is when you don't live here.

Bo: Well we can change that you know? ( He gave her a sexy grin and she helped him up)

Nora: Are you really ok Bo?

Bo: I'm fine. Really. I just have a little bit of a headache.

Nora: Well I might be able to fix THAT. Come on.

She took him downstairs and got him an ice pack. They were both overwhelmed by their feelings when their hands touched. After she put it on his head, she went to put on some tea. Afterwards, they both sat on the couch and talked.

Nora: You been doing this long Buchanan?

Bo: What?

Nora: Oh don't play dumb. You know what I'm talking about.

Bo: I've been sleeping on your couch ever since I found out you were raped. I couldn't help it Nora. I was worried about you. I had to make sure you were all right.

Nora: Wait a minute... that means...

Bo: Yep. I spent the night here when Gabrielle thought I was at work. I heard you crying in the night Red. It broke my heart.

Nora: Why didn't you come up Bo... Did you think I'd turn you away?

Bo: Most of the time I heard our son creep up from his room. He must of been holding you or something because I heard his tiny voice whisper that it was going to be ok.

Nora: I know... and I hated it Bo. That was my Job. To make HIM feel safe. Instead he was doing it to me.

Bo: That's because he loves you. Just like I do. And I don't regret a single thing Red.

Nora: Neither do I Bo. I guess now it explains why I felt so safe at night. You were here to protect me weren't you?

Bo: I couldn't help it Red. I had to mak sure you were ok.

She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek.

Nora: You're a good man Bo Buchanan. I'm so happy your in my life.

She goes to get the tea and they share the pot and more conversation that goes well into the early morning. When they went into work the next morning, everyone believed they had spent the night making love. They couldn't help but laugh at the notion.

Nora: Someday, I hope that everyone's suspicions will be correct. I can't wait until I'm able to make love to you Bo Buchanan.

Bo: And I can't wait to make love to YOU. But believe me, our day will come. We've got all the time in the world.

They share a gentle kiss and Flash and Riley walk in a few minutes later.

Nora: Hey you two. Why the Glum faces. (Pause) Oh, I'm sorry about your dad Riley.

Riley: Don't pretend that your sorry he's gone. I know what he did to you.

Nora: I thought you....

Riley: Can you ever forgive me Nora? I thought YOU were the one that was lying. I treated you pretty callously because of it... I just... I couldnt believe my dad was a rapist. I'm so sorry you had to go through that.

Nora: So Am I... But believe me Riley, I don't blame you. Your not responsible for the things your father does. No one is.

Flash: I heard about your baby. I'm sorry. Both of you.

Nora(Pausing): Actually, It wasn't really Bo's. We just said that So your father wouldn't come after me.

Riley: Oh God, He got you pregnant. I'm sorry Nora. You've been through far too much. It ends here.

Bo: What does?

Flash: We came to set the record straight..

Nora: About what?

Riley: The night my father was killed.


Bo: Do you know something about that night? You want a lawyer present?

Riley: I just want to tell the truth. Finally.

Nora: Ok...

They all sat down.

Riley: My father was a total creep who preyed on innocent women. I found that ot the hard way.

Nora: What do you mean?

Riley: He tried to attack Flash that night...

Bo: The night he was killed?

Flash: Yeah. I went to confront him about what he did to you Nora... and about lying to his son about it... things got out of hand...

Nora: Oh God I'm sorry.

Flash: It's ok. I survived. He didn't get to finish what he set out to do.

Nora: Which was what exactly?

Flash: What he did to you.

Nora: Ok... You got away... that's good.... I...

Riley: You don't understand Nora. He didn't get to finish it because I killed him. I hit him with some paper weight. I killed my own father because he was attacking the woman I love. (They kiss)

Flash: What's going to happen to Riley now? Is he going to have to do time?

Bo: I doubt it. You just give a statement and it will probably be written out as self defense. I'll make sure it is.

Flash: Thanks uncle Bo.

She hugs him.

Bo: Thank YOU Riley. If you hadn't come forward when you did, Nora probably would of gone down for this. She did stab him with a letter opener.

Riley: I know. I saw. I don't know how he survived that but at least now he's out of ur lives.

Nora: So what are you going to do now?

Flash: We're going to get married... and then we're moving to London to be with my family for a while.

Nora: Oh Flash, I'm so happy for you. you certaily deserve this.

Flash: So do you Nora... Be happy ok?

Nora: I'll try...

Flash: I'll see you around ok. We've got a million things to do before our wedding.

Nora: Congradulations.

They all hug and Flash and Riley leave. Nora turns on the radio and turns to Bo.

Nora: Dance with me will you?

Bo: I'd love it.

Flash and Riley couldn't help but smile as they saw the love birds through the window. Things were definitly looking up they thought as they walked away. Everyone was finally where they belonged.

Nora and Bo were lying on the couch in his office when Gabrielle walked in uninvited.

Gabrielle: So I hear you were cleared.

Nora: What the hell do you want Gabrielle? I'm not giving up Bo.

Gabrielle: Well I hear you never really had him. That baby you lost wasn't even Bo's. You never even slept together did you? It was all a lie.

Bo: If this is some misguided attempt to win me back after you manage to obtain confidential information, then you can forget it.

Gabrielle: But your off the hook now. Nora's been freed of all charges.

Bo: No thanks to YOU.

Gabrielle: Don't you understand that I did all that because I love you.

Bo: That kind of love I can do without... and besides, I love Nora now. I don't think I ever really stopped. ( They shared a gentle kiss, that made Gabrielle squirm)

Gabrielle: So that's it? You're just going to forget everything we meant to each other for HER? Her,Who you said you'd never forgive for cheating on you.

Bo: Things change.

Gabrielle: You're actually going to forgive that Slut?

Nora: Gabrielle, I don't think you want to start this right now. Bo has made his choice. It's not you. You can call me every name in the book if it will make you feel better... but in the end he's still going home with me.

Bo: Yes... and I will NOT tolerate you treating her this way. I love Nora. And I've already forgiven her for everything. We're getting married in a couple of weeks...

Gabrielle: You're STILL getting married? But... But why?

Bo: I don't believe that's any of your buisness. I told you how I feel. If you chose to deny it that's your problem. Now get out of my office before I have you thrown out. I'd LIKE to spend some time with my fiance.

Gabrielle: But...

Nora grabs her arm and starts pushing her out the door...

Nora: Don't worry Gabrielle, I'll take real Good care of Bo.

After she shut the door they walked into each others arms.

Nora: Is it finally over Bo? can we finally move on with our lives?

Bo: That's up to you. Are you still going to marry me even though we can't have a proper honeymoon?

Nora: We'll just have our honeymoon when I'm ready. Until then you can just take me to the lodge and we can spend all night talking and watching movies like we used to.

Bo: And dancing?

Nora: Yes, and dancing. I love dancing with you.

Bo: Can I hold you in my arms until the sun comes up red? All I need is to feel your body close to me. That's all.

Nora: You can hold me for as long as you want starting now.

She led him to the couch and they laid there for most of the afternoon just enjoying the feel of each others embrace.

2 years later.....

Bo was waiting in the hospital with Marty as Nora was having her last counseling session.

Marty: So... You two are finally going to have your honeymoon huh?

Bo: Yeah, I can't wait.

Marty: You've been wonderful Bo. You've been the man Nora neeed you to be. And look where it got you... You're married to the woman of your dreams.

Bo: You got that right. and this time it's never going to end.

They hug just as Nora walks out a little while later.

Nora: Hey Marty... Thanks for keeping Bo company. I wouldn't want him to be alone.

Marty: How did it go?

Nora: Good actually. I'm finally free to be happy.

Matry: So you're going on your honeymoon finally aren't you?

Nora: Yep. And you're going to watch Matthew aren't you?

Marty: Are you kidding? Penny can't wait. Have fun you two. You deserve it.

They hug.

Nora walks over to Bo and starts to kiss him passionately.

Nora: I love you Bo Buchanan. Thanks for waiting for me.

Bo: I'd wait forever for you. Your the only one I want.

Nora: Good. You ready for our honeymoon to start?

Bo: I can't wait.

They walked off hand in hand and got ready to board the private boat Bo had rented. Nora was amazed.

Nora: You did all this for me?

Bo: You got it.

When they got on board they stood where the pile of roses lay in one of the rooms in the ship.

Bo: I love you Nora.

Nora: I love you too Bo. Make love to me?

They started to kiss as the boat took off. They wrapped their arms around each other as they made their way to the pile of roses on the matress. This time they would finally have everything they wanted. Their lovemaking was slow and tender and they ended up falling asleep in each others arms. They watched the sunrise the next morning as the ship was finally coming to it's desination. They didn't care, all they knew was that they had finally found paradise... and that was in each others arms. The next few years flew by as they began to build a home. The next year little destiny was born. Every now and then she would remember the rape, but for the most part she was so caught up in him and her kids that she didn't have room for bad memories. They had finally acheived what they had always wanted- a love that would last a lifetime... which of course it did.

The End

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